Is it really worth having health insurance if you already have enough money to cover your health care needs?

The health insurance I need is basically for general dental and major dental (a few fillings, x-rays, possibly having my wisdom teeth removed, and having porcelain veneers of GlamSmile veneers fitted. I also need cover in case I need tubes fitted into my ears as I've had ongoing problems with fluid build up and...
Does #SusanCollins and other #republicans know that health insurance is NOT the same as health care? Obamacare is the former.
.A high quality health system improves health by consistently delivering care that can improve health#EWECisME #qualitycare
@repannwagner Work on health care, not wealth care! Vote against any budget that cuts health care. #TaxReform
@JustSchmeltzer He thinks health insurance is something you pay $15/mo for when you're young so that you have cover…
@nflcommish is worth $1, not $49,500,500.00 plus lifetime jet and health insurance. Seriously, the NFL earning is W…

"Perhaps you think she oughtn't to have married for money," Mr. Bouncing went on when he had finished the hot milk and Winn still sat there saying nothing. "But you're quite wrong if you do. Money is the most important thing there is--next to health of course. Health and money--one's no use without the other, of course; but I don't honestly think anything else really matters. I know what the chaplain says; but he's always been quite strong."
There were six difficult doors, however, that would have to be opened--not one, but all--before I could possibly go out and speak for Christ and China, as God seemed to be asking. First, the Lord would need to restore my son to complete health, as I could never feel justified in leaving a sick child. Second, he would need to restore my own health, for I had been ordered to the hospital for an operation. Third, he would need to keep all the other children well. Fourth, a servant must be sent to take care of the house--though my income was so small that a servant seemed out of the question, and only the strictest economy was making both ends meet. Fifth, a Christian lady would need to be willing to take care of the children, and act as my housekeeper in my absence from home. Sixth, sufficient money would need to be sent to meet the extra expenses incurred by my leaving home.