Someone help! My cat has bald patches everywhere along with cuts and I’m worried :(?

If somebody could help it would be amazing. My cat had these bald patches and some cuts on her back and shoulders about 4 of them that I know of. I’ll insert some picures below. We’re low on money but my parents would bring her to the vet if there’s something really wrong. I’m 12 and I’m very worried about her....
Bald at 3 months. Should you be worried? Click here. #ClickbaitByBabies
#CRPD18 Cttee worried about the cuts in social policies in #UK that have led to human catastrophes for persons with disabilities
This date in 1974, the #Flyers wore Cup patches for the opening game of the 1974 season. After losing 5-3 to #LAKings, patches disappeared.
I was thinking this EXACT thing this morning as #MorningJoe was discussing the ol' "Cuts, Cuts, Cuts" bill.
#Happy Be Bald & Free Day! Could you imagine Captain Picard with hair?!? Weird right! #StarTrek #Bald

The disease begins either suddenly, without premonitory symptoms, one or several patches being formed in a few hours; or, and as is more usually the case, several days or weeks elapse before the bald area or areas are sufficiently large to become noticeable. The patches continue to extend peripherally for a variable period, and then remain stationary, or several gradually coalesce and form a large, irregular area involving the entire or a greater portion of the scalp. The skin of the affected regions is smooth, faintly pink or milky white, and at first presents no departure from the normal; sooner or later, however, the follicles become less prominent, and slight atrophy or thinning may occur, the bald plaques being slightly depressed.
Not invariably. In some cases the patch or patches may become almost completely bald, and in others a tendency to the formation of pustules, with more or less crust-formation, may be seen. The affection may also appear as small scattered spots or points.
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