Would this be breaking a social norm?

I'm a senior in high school, and I'm taking a sociology class. Our assignment is to break a social norm and write a paper over it. I've been having trouble coming up with one, but it just dawned on me. About 2/3 of the people at my school drink at parties every weekend, but I don't. There have been...
We Social Normed seatbelts. Let's Social Norm eSafety, compassion and equality. #esafety17
#BREAKING: Dustin Martin has won the Norm Smith medal. #AFLGF
"The opportunity exists to create a movement around a new social norm for giving..." #CharityTuesday… 1701426 - 98.522167487685
Norm was on vacation and received some very sad news. One of Norm’s old friends, #TomPetty had…

The stranger had sojourned in many more lands and among many more peoples than Angel; to his cosmopolitan mind such deviations from the social norm, so immense to domesticity, were no more than are the irregularities of vale and mountain-chain to the whole terrestrial curve. He viewed the matter in quite a different light from Angel; thought that what Tess had been was of no importance beside what she would be, and plainly told Clare that he was wrong in coming away from her.
The proper terminology for a site's domain name (somewhere.domain above) is its Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). It is usually selected to give a clear indication of the site's organization or sponsoring agent. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's FQDN is mit.edu; similarly, Apple Computer's domain name is apple.com. While such obvious names are usually the norm, there are the occasional exceptions that are ambiguous enough to mislead---like vt.edu, which on first impulse one might surmise is an educational institution of some sort in Vermont; not so. It's actually the domain name for Virginia Tech. In most cases it's relatively easy to glean the meaning of a domain name---such confusion is far from the norm.
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