Question regarding police conduct?

My friend has an engineering degree and aspergers He went to the police and told them that the mine may fail. The police did not do anything and the mine failed resulting in big financial losses for shareholders. He also told the the government mine inspector but nothing was done to assess the structural...
See my exchange of letters with Min of Interior of #Spain on police conduct in #Catalonia on 1 October
#FinsUp #RapidReplay RT KSTiLLS: Holding ppl accountable for how they conduct themselves interacting w/ police, & …
Whoever is advising #thearchers SWs on police procedure should know that Inspectors only conduct interviews in TV & radio fiction. 3166040 - 95.719844357977
Conduct to shame every police officer in #Spain. And a woman in whom the whole of that great nation should take pride. #C

And anyway, it's not entirely necessary. If you're a cop, you can get 'most everything you need from a pirate board, just by using an inside informant. Plenty of vigilantes--well, CONCERNED CITIZENS--will inform police the moment they see a pirate board hit their area (and will tell the police all about it, in such technical detail, actually, that you kinda wish they'd shut up). They will happily supply police with extensive downloads or printouts. It's IMPOSSIBLE to keep this fluid electronic information out of the hands of police.
"Captain Turner was fully advised as to the means which in the view of the Admiralty were best calculated to avert the perils he was likely to encounter, and in considering the question whether he is to blame for the catastrophe in which his voyage ended I have to bear this circumstance in mind. It is certain that in some respects Captain Turner did not follow the advice given to him. It may be (though I seriously doubt it) that had he done so his ship would have reached Liverpool in safety. But the question remains: Was his conduct the conduct of a negligent or of an incompetent man? On this question I have sought the guidance of my assessors, who have rendered me invaluable assistance, and the conclusion at which I have arrived is that blame ought not to be imputed to the Captain. The advice given to him, although meant for his most serious and careful consideration, was not intended to deprive him of the right to exercise his skilled judgment in the difficult questions that might arise from time to time in the navigation of his ship. His omission to follow the advice in all respects cannot fairly be attributed either to negligence or incompetence.
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