what time does lloyds tsb in aberdeen shut on saturday?

These robins sold out last time at #Aberdeen Ministry of #Craft so if you want one on Saturday better be quick!…
Come join us at @TheIET Open Day at Aberdeen Science Centre @AberdeenSci this Saturday #IETOpenHouse #Aberdeen
Interesting contrast between #Natwest and #Lloyds banking over the #Monarch issue. Impressed with Lloyds. Spoke to a person. Natwest closed.
Lloyds/HBOS deal described as a ‘disaster’ in High Court case #LLoyds #HBOS
Lloyds dont play by the rules It would seem that @TheFCA rules don apply to them #HBOS Lloyds

"We keep them very quiet; but we've seven. We've a fox and a dandy" (Rose grew breathless with excitement), "and an Aberdeen, and two Aberdeen pups, and two Poms, a mole and a white. May they come up, sir?"
If I hold out, as I hope to do, I shall be greatly pressed in leaving here and getting over to New York before next Saturday's mail from there. Do not, therefore, _if all be well_, expect to hear from me by Saturday's mail, but look for my last letter from America by the mail of the following Wednesday, the 15th. _Be sure_ that you shall hear, however, by Saturday's mail, if I should knock up as to reading. I am tremendously "beat," but I feel really and unaffectedly so much stronger to-day, both in my body and hopes, that I am much encouraged. I have a fancy that I turned my worst time last night.
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