Do you think consciousness itself causally affects human behaviour, or is human behaviour perfectly explicable in terms of brain activity?

If I talk about my experience of seeing the colour red, am I doing so because I had a conscious experience, or am I doing so because because my brain received an input (photons of ~700nm wavelength), made a calculation and generated a response? If the former, how is that possible since that would alter the...
No more apps!Tech abuse is human behaviour & needs human behaviour to address it @WESNETAustralia #esafety17
Karen Bentley from @WESNETAustralia: Apps & tech can’t fix the problem. It’s a human behaviour and needs human intervention #esafety17 #dv
🔹🍃THE EFFECTS OF TRAUMA ON THE BRAIN 🍃| how it affects our behaviour| JOHN Riggs @TEDx#trauma #thebrain…
#GunControl is about predicting “normal” & “abnormal” human behaviour.
"#RichardThaler, an economist who recognises that human behaviour is not always strictly rational" )

"That's a very different sort of thing, you know--that's absurd. But I must say I think Sir Lionel's behaviour is perfect." What would she have said of Sir Lionel's behaviour had she known all the secrets of his establishments?
A light sigh escaped the elder man, and then he resolutely closed his lips. It was by behaviour such as this, by his almost diabolical ingenuity in the art of being uncongenial, that Rupert had so largely contributed to make his own house impossible to him. But where was the use of either argument or expostulation with one so incapable of even understanding the mainsprings of his actions? Moreover (_he_, above all, must not forget it) Rupert had suffered through him in pride and self-esteem. And yet, despite Sir Adrian's philosophic mind, despite his vast, pessimistic though benevolent tolerance for erring human nature, his was a very human heart; and it added not a little to the sadness of his lot at every return to Pulwick (dating from that first most bitter home-coming) to feel in every fibre of his being how little welcome he was where the ties of flesh and blood alone, not to speak of his most ceaseless yet delicate generosity, should have ensured him a very different reception.