Im looking at getting a Barska 3x30mm ARX-Pro Prism Riflescope and cant find anything on them because they just came out.Anyone have review?

Just looking for any reviews or videos on this new optic
#Edinburgh's past, its people, places & city life through a psychedelic prism of colour and vibrancy. Find out more> h 570891 - 97.540983606557
Thank you Mr Chapman for your glowing review! We're always happy to find you new tenants ?? #Facebook #review
Where does bad light end up? In a prism. #StupidQuestionsForScientists

2 Square Slabs. 9 Oblong Blocks (steps). 2 Cubes. 4 Square Blocks. Octagon Prism. Cylinder. Cone. Jointed Cross. Triangular Prism. Pyramid, Equilateral. Pyramid, Isosceles. Square Block.
Miller's Class Drawing Models.--These Models are particularly adapted for teaching large classes; the stand is very strong, and the universal joint will hold the Models in any position. _Wood Models_: Square Prism, 12 inches side, 18 inches high; Hexagonal Prism, 14 inches side, 18 inches high; Cube, 14 inches side; Cylinder, 13 inches diameter, 16 inches high; Hexagon Pyramid, 14 inches diameter, 22 1/2 inches side; Square Pyramid, 14 inches side, 22 1/2 inches side; Cone, 13 inches diameter, 22 1/2 inches side; Skeleton Cube, 19 inches solid wood 1 3/4 inch square; Intersecting Circles, 19 inches solid wood 2 1/4 by 1 1/2 inches. _Wire Models_: Triangular Prism, 17 inches side, 22 inches high; Square Prism, 14 inches side, 20 inches high; Hexagonal Prism, 16 inches diameter, 21 inches high; Cylinder, 14 inches diameter, 21 inches high; Hexagon Pyramid, 18 inches diameter, 24 inches high; Square Pyramid, 17 inches side, 24 inches high; Cone, 17 inches side, 24 inches high; Skeleton Cube, 19 inches side; Intersecting Circles, 19 inches side; Plain Circle, 19 inches side; Plain Square, 19 inches side. Table, 27 inches by 21 1/2 inches. Stand. The set complete, £14 13s.
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