Is it true what my fellow Republicans say that my Liberal neighbor is controlling my tv to deliver fake news straight to my brain?

Is this why I hate Mexicans?
@realDonaldTrump U can say 'Fake News, all u want #TrumpleThinSkin, but ANYONE w/ a brain knows the ONLY thing fake…
True power is not in controlling others. It is in controlling your own mind. #ShubhoMahalaya #Mahalaya #TuesdayThoughts
#politics #Palmer Report: The Liberal Fake News Cult That Is Lying To You -
Republicans & @realDonaldTrump begging for equal time on TV frm same media he calls fake news is COMEDY ??? #satchat #s 1984656 - 93.670886075949

The transmission of a Usenet article is centered around the unique Message-ID: header. When an NNTP site offers an article to a neighbor, it says it has that specific Message ID. If the neighbor finds it hasn't received the article yet, it tells the feed to send it through; this is repeated for each and every article that's waiting for the neighbor. Using unique IDs helps prevent a system from receiving five copies of an article from each of its five news neighbors, for example.
The cerebellum may be regarded as the physiological and the cerebrum as the psychic brain, for the cerebellum is void of intelligence and volition, but has important influences on the body. It may be considered, like the spinal cord, an intermediate structure between the controlling and conscious brain and the corporeal organs.