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Are Dundee Utd doing the right thing by putting a £1.5m price tag on Andrew Robertson?

Teams south of the border seem to think that they can just come in and get any player who plays in the Scottish leagues for a bargain price then sell them on to another club for at least double.... so should more...
Someone needs to get on the end of those excellent crosses robertson keeps putting in.. #LFC #Robertson
Andrew Robertson, @andrewrobertso5 is now trending in #Edinburgh
Andrew Robertson has been called up to the #Scotland squad for their World Cup Qualifiers in September #LFC ??
Pretty shocked, disgusted and surprised that thing up live animals and putting them on display is still a thing??
One St Andrew Square marketing suite, putting the buzz in #Edinburgh! Check out the video for a preview

"I've another thing to be thankful for," resumed the invalid, "and that's my eldest son. Andrew'll take good care of you all--of you and the business both. Oh, Frank, my lad, he's a fine example to you; just as your sister Maggie is to you, Jean. Mind you both follow them. You'll never give folks reason to talk about you then. Don't get yourselves talked about! That's the main thing. Of course, you'll take every opportunity of bettering yourselves, both of you; but do it in a kind of sober, decent way. Do it like Andrew: I can say no more than that."
"Oh, my dear Andrew!" he gasped. "Oh, I can't help it--you a bigamist! Poor respectable old blighter! I say, what a joke! Oh, Andrew, Andrew, my bonny, bonny boy!"