Why does Nicola Sturgeon think she can dictate to the rest of the UK?

She thinks she has the power to stop Article 50 being triggered . I didn't vote for her and neither did the rest of England, so why doesn't she keep her nose out of our affairs?.
In #Scotland this is how we roll...Ooh Nicola Sturgeon ooh Nicola Sturgeon ooh Nicola Sturgeon ooh Nicola Sturgeon.
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"This shall Inform Bassanio that I'm done Brown, My chance is up, my ship, alas! gone down. The vessel on her homeward way, sir, Laden with the rich products of the Fraser (river)-- The famed sal-lals for making jams, Monster sturgeon, cranberries and clams-- Bumped on the sands and so a wreck became; Captain, as usual, 'not at all to blame.' The people here say just as they like, And lay the blame on 'Titcombe' or on 'Pike.' For me, no sympathy I get; to them 'tis fun; Alas for me, I'm 'Capitally' done; Then those brick stores, which I fondly thought For bonded warehouses would soon be sought; Bring 'Nary red,' no revenue they raise; No ships arriving, no one duty pays; From Sorrow's page I've learned all man can know, For 'Cochrane's' just sold off my grand pi-an-o; So if with means to aid me you're invested, Haste, for the Jews won't rest till I'm arrested.
"I don't know," he said slowly, "that we've any right to dictate to her. It's a big question, and I think she ought to be allowed to decide it for herself."