How can I move to Texas?

I'm from Scotland and just recently graduated from university with a degree in marketing. I'm going to Texas for just under 3 months next week and I studied in UT (Austin) for a year and loved it. How can I go about moving to Texas? When I'm there should I try and arrange interviews or look for a...
Lame ass move by #Trump, pardoning #Arpaio on Friday evening when a Cat 4 Hurricane is hitting #Texas. Very weak and gutless move.
I think I want to move to Waco, Texas just so I can buy a house and be on #Fixerupper #HGTV
#WhyImStillSingleIn4Words stuck in west Texas. For now...hehe I move in the summer.
Is it too early to move on from the #lasvagasshooting and start paying for #Texas? B/c that's what we do right, no action just just pray...
@icsheatair Jamie wrote "It just causes Californian dumbasses to move to Texas and other states and pollute them wi…

(Taken from "Bruce Every Month," December, 1938, page 17. Published by E. L. Bruce Company, Memphis, Tennessee.) Living monuments to a great governor of Texas are two nut bearing trees, a pecan and an old fashioned walnut. The last wish of Governor James S. Hogg was that "no monument of stone or marble" be placed at his grave, but instead there should be planted--"at my head a pecan tree and at my feet an old fashioned walnut; and when these trees shall bear, let the pecans and walnuts be given out among the plains people of Texas so that they may plant them and make Texas a land of trees." His wish has been fulfilled in its entirety, many trees from these two parent ones adorning the lawns of schools and court houses throughout the State of Texas.
"We are on the move now. The burning of our churches will not deter us. We are on the move now. The bombing of our homes will not dissuade us. We are on the move now. The beating and killing of our clergymen and young people will not divert us. We are on the move now. The arrest and release of known murderers will not discourage us, We are on the move now.
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