a few days ago, brexit was supposed to put £350m a week into the health service?

they even put the figures on the side of a bus and drove it around the country. yesterday Farage says that was ' a mistake' Now he is talking about dismantling the NHS and bringing in Private medical insurance (Like, maybe, that wonderfully successful model, the USA) Are the Brexiters still happy, one...
Easiest way to parity of esteem for mental health would be #Brexit £350m/week #NHS funding @Jeremy_Hunt makes no mention i
Over a year since the Brexit vote – will #Brexit deliver a £350m per week surplus or £165m per week deficit? Follow for
Rather than Johnson's promise of a gain of £350m per week Brexit to cost UK £300m per week #brexitreality #Brexit…
Forget gaining £350m a week, Brexit would cost the UK £300m a week #Brexit
Brexit means #Brexit ; #BorisIsBoris . At least @theresa_may isn't spending that elusive £350m a week on speechwriters.

A very few days more, and Captain Wentworth was known to be at Kellynch, and Mr Musgrove had called on him, and come back warm in his praise, and he was engaged with the Crofts to dine at Uppercross, by the end of another week. It had been a great disappointment to Mr Musgrove to find that no earlier day could be fixed, so impatient was he to shew his gratitude, by seeing Captain Wentworth under his own roof, and welcoming him to all that was strongest and best in his cellars. But a week must pass; only a week, in Anne's reckoning, and then, she supposed, they must meet; and soon she began to wish that she could feel secure even for a week.
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