Which UK country's landmass will make better enclave living space for indigenous Britons?

I reckon Wales because Scotland's terrain is too mountainous and uneven and Northern Ireland is too small.
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Brain floating out of space. Living in space leaves #astronauts with serious #neurological issues
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It was our intention as well as our desire to have thanked, individually, every one--both living friends and representatives of dead ones--for their readiness to give us every possible help to make our work complete. But the number of such friends, besides correspondents hitherto unknown, who have volunteered contributions of letters, make it impossible in our space to do otherwise than to express, collectively, our earnest and heartfelt thanks.
Wild and unfruitful as this country appears, the soil is rich, so that its indigenous plants, of which there are no great variety, attain a very large growth. Several kinds of berries, particularly raspberries and black currants, of an enormous size but watery taste, are met with in considerable quantities.
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