Was there celebrations when Queen Victoria became the longest Monarch ?

Over the King or Queen who had been longest serving before her,and when did Victoria become the longest serving ?
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[Illustration: HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT, LONDON, ENGLAND.--These edifices form a single pile of buildings of the richest Gothic style. They cover over eight acres, contain one hundred stair-cases, eleven hundred apartments, and cost $15,000,000. They are perhaps the most costly national structure in the world. The Queen enters on the opening and prorogation of Parliament through the Victoria Tower, which is three hundred and forty feet high. The imposing river-front of the edifice is nine hundred and forty feet long, and adorned with statues of English monarchs, from William the Conqueror to Queen Victoria.]
The Queen her little foot boy address'd: _The longest night_. "Go, come to me hither the Algreve request." _Love me doth thrall_.