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This is SHYAM TOMAR and welcome to Tech & Myths #T&M48 REAL TIME DISTANCE OF VOYAGER 1 & 2 क्षमा करें ... 01-01-70
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  • [17-11] #RT @Intel_IRL: Did you know... At its peak speed, NASA's Juno spacecraft was whizzing through space at an incredib…
  • [27-10] Astronomers Have Spotted The First Ever Alien Comet Passing Through Our Solar System -
  • [07-10] NASA captures enormous aurora on the largest planet in the solar system
  • [08-11] NASA wants your help nicknaming a tiny, icy world on the edge of the solar system. Should it be #Uluru?... On the Tele
  • [16-11] "Johnny B. Goode", the Chuck Berry classic, is aboard NASA's Voyager space probes, which are still sending back mes…
  • [30-10] Ever heard a whistler wave? Check out this and other spooky solar system sounds on @NASA's SoundCloud! #Halloween
  • [04-10] Watching #StarTrek #Voyager "Rise." From Season 3. Voyager assists an Alien Colony that's been struck by Asteroids…
  • [22-11] Thought watching #60Minutes last night of #Voyager changing our view of the Solar System and Universe..Our Universe i
  • [09-08] #travel Solar Evaporation Ponds Near Moab, Utah via NASA
  • [05-01] NASA launches a mission to study Earth’s final frontier—the edge of space
  • [23-11] Am i crazy?Does the atom will becoma a solar system one day???#science#space#gravity
  • [23-11] So, does our solar system was a small atom in the past?#science#space#gravity
  • [28-09] Roscosmos and NASA sign partnership on lunar space station at #IAC2017 in Australia, as NASA plans Deep Space Gatew…
  • [27-09] UAE call the mission "Emirates Mars Mission" or EMM. Spacecraft is named "Hope Probe" to reflect positive influence on next gen #IAC2017
  • [14-08] #travel SpaceX CRS-12 Cargo Mission Launch via NASA
  • [01-11] Deep Space Gateway #spaceship to be build near #Moon in 2020s to explore our Solar System #QandA where should we go?
  • [04-10] #StarTrekDiscovery away team to the Glenn looked like Voyager away mission with species 8472. Imagine how good post Voyager show could look?
  • [17-09] No no no personal checks. Or AAA for alien spacecraft... #svengoolie
  • [16-08] #travel Space Station Flight Over the Bahamas via NASA
  • [16-01] An unfortunate space adventurer, forever lost in space after being disconnected from his spacecraft. 💀➔…
  • [09-08] Cassini to Begin Final Five Orbits Around Saturn #space #travel via NASA
  • [22-11] Fun fact of the day:The space guy, Neil A, spelled backwards is Alien.#alien #Astronauts #FunFact
  • [09-12] NASA's Juno Spacecraft Swoops In to Give Jupiter Its Close Up
  • [29-08] #North Korea G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1BJF 5600 Solar Radio clock Tough Solar Advanced technology
  • [18-09] The #LastTimeITriedTo take a picture of Uranus, NASA sent me on a "death dive" into Saturn. - Cassini spacecraft ?
  • [13-01] [$$] NASA Safety Watchdogs Raise Concerns About SpaceX, Boeing Spacecraft #Yahoo: UNH.US #BA.US #S&P 500 Index
  • [08-10] #Spain from Space! Footage courtesy of ESA/NASA. @ESA @NASA #VisitSpain
  • [19-09] Space weather means something different to everyone. Solar physicists are interested in Solar input to objects #EPSC2017
  • [27-09] A solar sail for a spacecraft carrying humans? Check out the story, ahead of our #LightSail #IAC2017 presentation:
  • [16-12] With the discovery of an #eighthplanet, the Kepler-90 system is the first to tie with our solar system in number of…
  • [30-10] Four #Galileo spacecraft are prepared for their December #Ariane5 launch. Read the Mission Update:
  • [16-12] #Boeing tapped to sustain Space-Based Space Surveillance system - Space Daily :
  • [27-12] Crew of the International Space Station watching #StarWarsTheLastJedi - in actual outer space #NASA
  • [15-11] Commercial Space Company Sends #NASA Package to International Space Station with @CambrieCaldwell…
  • [06-10] "Space archaeologist" research how #astronauts of different backgrounds interact and adapt to life in space. @NASA
  • [16-01] An unfortunate space adventurer, forever lost in space after being disconnected from his spacecraft. 💀➔…
  • [14-01] The #Dragon spacecraft preparing to leave @Space_Station is carrying ~4,100 pounds of important cargo, science and technology bac
voyager 1and 2 mission nasa | spacecraft | space travel | solar system | alien technology
This is SHYAM TOMAR and welcome to Tech & Myths #T&M48 REAL TIME DISTANCE OF VOYAGER 1 & 2 क्षमा करें ...
Do the nazi had ufos? If you mean "ufo" as in alien space craft, then the answer is almost certainly no. It makes little sense given that even in 2017 we have no credible evidence for alien spacecraft visiting Earth, and at this time the established laws of physics makes the probability of alien visitation virtually zero. It makes less sense considering we saw no evidence of alien technology during WW2 and clearly nothing found after the war. We're still using combustion to get into space, after all. Don't waste your time looking at rubbish conspiracy theory nonsense on youtube.
Is it just coincidence there have been more UFO sightings after the Nuclear Bomb tests in the 40s? The Space Aliens know that the ever growing population of humans will out grow any resources. Then humans will come swarming out of the solar system like a plague on the galaxy. The other Space Alien species must kill us all now and strangle humanity in its solar system cradle before it is too late. God help us all!
Since NASA is always lying about everything, what are they waiting for to claim they found life on Mars? NASA does have a fetish about life on Mars. And life on other solar system objects. But life (as we know it) requires warmth, water and food. There is no place in the solar system other than this earth where all 3 of those things are known to occur together. So it follows there is no life on Mars -- no matter what NASA says. Well -- that is unless we find a place on Mars where water, warmth and food exist. We are not even looking for such places at the moment. NASA does happen to have the technology and the hardware to go looking. So the ball is in their court. And we wait for any developments. Be prepared for a long wait.
Whats the fastest a spacecraft can travel to Planet Mars with astronauts if NASA had unlimited money to built a spacecraft with enough fuel?
Do many people know Spiro Agnew in 1970 committed America to a manned landing on Mars by the year 2000? No many people DO NOT remember that. History is bunk for them, total B.S. as far as they are concerned, BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT ALIVE WHEN IT HAPPENED. Most people have BAD memories as well. Yes, i do recall something like that about Agnew. NASA as put the brakes on Trump's plans to get the Space launch system to Go AROUND the in 2018. Ever since the Challenger and Columbia disasters and Several other costly mistakes NASA had made over the years. NASA has put a VERY high priority on the safety of astronauts, Not even Trumps desire to SHOW OFF how superior The USA is is going to budge NASA. AND Trump has cancelled at least one probe. NASA CANNOT bring those 14 astronauts on Challenger and Columbia back, and that happened long before Trump got involved in politics.. Those who say there is nothing more on the Moon to b e discovered are totally ignorant of the value of the Moon. There 's much higher POLITICAL priority to get manned Mission to Mars off the Ground.. Trump will no longer be in office when the first manned mission to Mars happens. Yes, i KNOW Elton Musk thinks he can get manned mission to mars there a lot faster,, but those SpaceX rockets keep blowing up.
UFOs real or fake? UFOs are real, inasmuch as there really exist things that people cannot identify when they see them. However, There are tons of videos (especially on YouTube) where people film a UFO and try to pass it off as an alien spacecraft; those are all fake (in the sense that they are not alien spacecraft). Some people will film something they do understand, but try to pass it off as an alien spacecraft; those are hoaxes (a lie, told by a person who knows it is a lie, for the purpose of fooling other people).
Is NASA's Voyager about to leave the Solar System?
Nasa find first alien solar system with as many planets as our own Kepler scientists team up with Google AI specialists to detect eighth planet orbiting distant star Scientists on Nasa’s Kepler mission have spotted an eighth planet around a distant star, making it the first alien solar system known to host as many planets as our own. The newfound world orbits a star named Kepler 90 which is larger and hotter than the sun and lies 2,500 light years from Earth in the constellation of Draco.
NASA Wants 2069 to Visit Nearest Alien Solar System We already know there's at least one planet out there, so it's hard to resist looking for life.
NASA Fired Up Voyager 1 Spacecraft Thrusters Its thrusters hadn't been used since the 80s.
NASA, PBS marking 40 years since Voyager spacecraft launches CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) -- Forty years after blasting off, Earth's most distant ambassadors - the twin Voyager spacecraft - are carrying sounds and music of our planet ever deeper into the cosmos....
NASA’s Voyager 1 Spacecraft Thrusters Work After Decades Of Being Dormant
NASA nails test on Voyager spacecraft, 13 billion miles away NASA has nailed an engine test on a spacecraft 13 billion miles away. Last week, ground controllers sent commands to fire backup thrusters on Voyager 1, our most distant spacecraft. The thrusters had been idle for 37 years, since Voyager 1 flew past Saturn.
Voyager 1 Spacecraft Marks 40 Years in Space
Sex in Space Could Derail Mars Mission, Secret NASA Report Says | A mixed-gender crew would endanger the journey to Mars and back due the risk of male and female space travelers getting frisky during their one-and-a-half-year mission, an unreleased NASA
NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Searched Titan For Alien Life As the two-decade mission draws to a close, what has it revealed about the second largest planet in our solar system?
Voyager 1 Facts as NASA Probe Marks 40 Years in Space Space agency will host a live event to celebrate the probe on September 5.
NASA explores inflatable spacecraft technology
NASA spacecraft embarks on ring-skimming mission at Saturn
NASA’s Messenger Spacecraft Ends Mission With Crash Into Mercury NASA’s Messenger Spacecraft Ends Mission With Crash Into Mercury NASA’s Messenger, the only spacecraft ever to orbit Mercury, ended its four-year tour by plunging from orbit as planned and slamming into the sun’s closest planet.
Voyager not yet outside solar system ... but close
Mission milestones to occur over coming Saturn plunge for NASA's Cassini Spacecraft
NASA's Asteroid-Chasing Spacecraft Swings by Earth Headed to Space Rock Amazing Spacecraft Comes Close to Earth on Mission to Asteroid
Nasa may send spacecraft near Alpha Centauri system by 2069 Although most of the technology NASA needs for such a mission does not exist yet, it could involve travelling at one-tenth the speed of light
[2012-10-06] More evidence that Voyager has exited the solar system [science]
NASA sends mice to space station to study space travel health risks With Monday's SpaceX launch a success, a group of mice are en route to the International Space Station.
Cyberoque - The game takes place in 2215. Suddenly terrible news has come from the outskirts of the solar system: our civilization was attacked by the alien armies. A terrible war begins, humanity is surrounded, enemy space ships press the earth's army.
First alien star system with as many planets as our own discovered by NASA...
[WP] An alien spacecraft lands on Earth. An alien exits and says, 'We are here to spread the Good News of Christ'.
Aborted mission to land spacecraft on moon shows perils in space funding Start-ups in space sector say mobilising funds is the biggest barrier in India as investors are hesitant to support such high-risk ventures
Why did the Science Officer not get chosen for the mission to the alien spacecraft? After the Nostromo detects a signal from a potentially intelligent alien, the crew are arguing what to do about it. Most of the crew want to ignore it and return home, but Ash (Science Officer) ...
Is Kim Jong UN a space alien according to new NASA evidence? [closed] According to Sunday Sport newspapper (front page from 21st May 2017), based on recently leaked top secret documents and conclusion from a top NASA and Pentagon suggests that 'Kim is an ET sent as an "...
Story where humans fight aliens that were advanced in space travel technology but behind in warfare technology [duplicate] I'm looking for a story where humans fight against aliens. The plot is, the aliens discovered gravitational space travel early in their history, and although being very advanced in space travel ...
Story where stardrive test-pilot visits alien solar system and is attacked by a psychic (alien) child Looking for story title and author. Can't remember if the story was a short story, novella or novel. Here's the storyline as I remember it. In the near future humans have just created a prototype ...
Does the STS103-734-73 NASA picture show another spacecraft? UFO News reported in July 2014 that an older image taken of the Hubble Telescope is on a spacecraft (a "craft"). The image was taken in December 1999,, on STS-103, a repair mission on which Space ...
Did NASA's STEREO spacecraft capture an image of a cloaked UFO near Mercury? Apparently on Dec. 1st a video camera on board a NASA satelite captured a "UFO" during a solar flare, near Mercury (skip ahead to 33 seconds for the relevant footage). Is it an alien spaceship? The ...
How far did the Voyager 1 spacecraft travel into space?
What is the name of spacecraft which has now crossed the solar system and has gone into outer space?
What is the name of the spacecraft which has now crossed the solar system and has gone into outer space find out the when it was launched? Voyager 1
Did the space probe voyager leave the solar system? No, not yet. It is still at the edge of the solar system.
How did Gravity Assist help the voyager space probe navigate the solar system?
[03-12] What is the main feature of the space shuttle that makes it more useful to NASA then the previous spacecraft missions?
Spacecraft that has gone beyond the solar system? Depending on you interpretation of Solar System [See related question] only four craft are/will beyond our Solar System Pioneer 10Pioneer 11Voyager 1Voyager 2 See related link for a pictorial of their positions.
Which was the first spacecraft to leave the solar system? pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to leave our solar system
Has spacecraft ever left the solar system? Depends "very" much on the definition of the boundary of the solar system, but it's possible Voyager I may well have.
What was the first spacecraft to leave solar system? Currently, no spacecraft have yet left the solar system. The boundaries of the solar system are undefined, but most astronomers believe it is at the point where the Suns gravitational influence has no effect. This is about 2 light years from the Sun. Voyager 2 - the furthest a man made spacecraft has ventured is only 0.001443 light years from the Sun in 2010.
What spacecraft flew by Jupiter Saturn and Uranus and now has escaped the solar system? Voyager 2. It flew by all four gas giant planets in the 70's and 80's(Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and then Neptune). It is now on its way out of the solar system - it hasn't really left our solar system yet, but will do one day.
Why are NASA scientists researching plants as a life support system for long-term space flight?
Has Nasa sent spacecraft to mercury? no u smell like cheese
Where is voyager 1 in your solar system? It is exiting our solar system.
Can space telescopes far out in space see earth and other planets in the solar system in the past? Strictly speaking, whenever a space telescope looks out at the cosmos, it is seeing a past version of those cosmos--sometimes billions of years old. This is because the light from distant sources has been traveling for many years. Depending on the distance from the space telescope to the light source, the image of an object in space may be at a certain point in the past. For example, if you look at the sun (don't actually do this without the proper solar filters and other safety equipment), you are looking at a ball of hot gas as it was approximately eight minutes ago. This is because the sun
What is the name of the NASA spacecraft that is currently orbiting Mercury? 'MESSENGER' is the Mercury Mission - See the related link listed below for more information:
How would sending astronauts into space to study the solar system compare to using telescopes and space probes? Far more expensive and far less productive.
How many alien worlds do you know exist outside of your solar system? The meaning of the term "alien world" is somewhat ambiguous. No evidence of life on any planet in the solar system except earth, or on any planet around any other star, has yet been found.
NASA to send space probe to neighbouring star system Alpha Centauri to search for alien life - NASA to send space probe to neighbouring star system Alpha Centauri to search for alien life. NASA is planning a space mission to our nearest star system Alpha Centauri in an attempt to find...
Voyager 1 Trajectory through the Solar System - This visualization tracks the trajectory of the Voyager 1 spacecraft through the solar system. Launched on Sept. 5, 1977, it was one of two spacecraft sent to visit ...
NASA expanding its mission | Dawn spacecraft is orbiting continuously | Science and Tech Tamil - Dawn is a space probe launched by NASA in September 2007 with the mission of studying two of the three known protoplanets of the asteroid belt, Vesta and ...
After 37 years of Flight,Voyager 1 in interstellar space, NASA confirms - New readings collected by NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft have helped scientists confirm that the far-flung probe is indeed cruising through interstellar space.
Voyager 1 Took a Family Portrait of Our Solar System - The "Family Portrait" is an image of the Solar System acquired by Voyager 1 on February 14, 1990 from a distance of approximately 6 billion kilometers from ...
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