Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: Psychiatrists debunk seven common mental health myths

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  • [19-04] We have trained 17 Senior Line managers in mental health awareness this week @samaritans HQ in Soho. Mental health…
  • [11-10] mental health is real. mental health is valid. mental health affects millions of people everyday. mental health is important. #WMHD17
  • [10-10] Mental health > grades Mental health > job Mental health > sports Mental health > most things in life #WorldMentalHealthDay
  • [11-10] Today, we celebrate World Mental Health Day. Let's all spread awareness on Mental Health issues. #WMHD17 #StopTheStig
  • [12-01] #MakeSomeNoise for Mental Health promotes mental health awareness on 17 campuses in 15 communities.Student-athletes and ment
  • [10-10] Mental-health conditions are common in the Middle East. Mental-health care is not #WorldMentalHealthDay
  • [06-11] #Trump : "This is a mental health issue" #Texas 35 psychiatrists just met at Yale. DT has a dangerous mental illness
  • [16-10] We don't need mental health awareness, we need mental health acceptance. We need to be talking EVERY day, not just #WorldMentalHealthDay.
  • [15-10] This week was #WMHD17 but talking about mental health is important every day. Our mental health nurses help patients get
  • [13-04] “Man up”? Getting more “men” in mental health | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems#Intern
  • [31-01] Mental Health is as impt as physical health.#ONPC commit $1.9 B (10 yrs), lgest mental health commitment in Cdn prov history #BellLetsTalk
  • [13-10] ✨Mental health is just as important as physical health ?? @beatED supports World Mental Health Day ❤️ #WMHD17 #WMHD #Eatin
  • [16-11] Mental health is just as important as the health of the rest of the body. Annual mental health exams would be an ex…
  • [06-04] 4 Ways Your Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health: Your #mental health has a profound impact on
  • [10-10] It's World Mental Health Day #WMHD17 Here are 10 tips on how to look after your mental health #WorldMentalHealthDay #mental
  • [15-10] Mental Health Awareness Week on IrishCentral #WorldMentalHealthDay
  • [28-11] Mental health initiative to promote textual healing: Canada and China team up on new text-based mental health…
  • [12-10] On #WMHD17 Cabinet was briefed on mental health training and launched a campaign to have 1 million people trained in mental health first aid
  • [17-04] Radcliff KY USA - #Mental #Health Tech Full-time 11p-7a Adult Dual Diagnosis Signon Bonus - The Mental health Techn…
  • [13-04] The focus for #WorldMentalHealthDay is mental health at work. People with mental health problems make a huge contribution
  • [13-04] Largest ever Hong Kong mental health survey to involve at least 15000 people, with focus on yo.. #mental #health
  • [17-04] Orlando FL USA - #Mental #Health Counselor - Mental health counselors offer guidance to individuals couples familie…
  • [21-12] All those time consuming battery of tests to guage mental health, this "UK" man diagnosed with "mental health" prob…
  • [10-10] Today is World Mental Health Day. We're showing our support through the day to get people talking about mental health #WorldMentalHealthDay
  • [14-10] On World Mental Health Day #WMHD proud to partner with @mindfulemployuk to help improve workplace mental health
  • [05-11] There is a mental health crisis in the US due to an increase in hate. Our mental health system can't sustain it. #HateinAmerica #dosomething
  • [11-10] It's important we all talk about mental health. Share these mental health tips this #WorldMentalHealthDay. #WMHD #WMHD17 htt
  • [13-09] Beaverton OR USA - QMHP -#Mental #Health Counselor/Case Manager - Conduct Mental Health Asses...
  • [12-10] #CONTEXT presenting at the World Mental Health Day focusing on mental health in the work-place #bpsni #bps…
  • [17-04] Under the Tories, our mental health services are in crisis. Only Labour will give mental health the same priority as physical
  • [17-04] Punta Gorda FL USA - #Mental #Health Counselor - Gather information about community mental health needs and resourc…
  • [10-10] On World Mental Health Day, a campaign's been launched in #Rotherham schools -Safira and Will are Mental Health Champions
  • [29-01] NDIS failing people with severe mental health issues, new report warns #mental #health
Mental Health Awareness Week 2017: Psychiatrists debunk seven common mental health myths
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World Mental Health Day: Statistics About Mental Health Today, being World Mental Health Day, is a day recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for people to spread awareness and understanding about mental health. ....
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What are the public health issues around mental health?
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