Shetland Islands hit by earthquake in early hours

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  • [16-07] Flybe is proud to serve the #Shetland Islands. Our CEO Christine is visiting the Islands tomorrow. #Flybe #Scotland
  • [17-07] Our CEO Christine is in the beautiful #Shetland Islands today. If you'd like to say hello let us know! Proud to s
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  • [20-09] (REVISION) 6⃣4⃣ ?? Earthquake M 6.4, 21/09 07:09, depth: 200 Km, VANUATU ISLANDS #earthquake #gfz
  • [23-12] 4.9 earthquake occurred near Izu Islands, Japan Region at 06:06 UTC! #earthquake #IzuIslands
  • [23-12] 4.5 earthquake occurred near Mariana Islands Region at 05:10 UTC! #earthquake #MarianaIslandsRegion
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  • [15-11] The Caledonian Truck Team are heading to the Islands #Lewis #Orkney and #Shetland next week. Get in touch if you would
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  • [20-09] New Zealand just got a strong earthquake about 2 hours ago. Wth is going on with these quakes? #climatechange #earthquake #NewZealand
  • [24-01] The Ring of Fire is waking up: Powerful M7.9 #earthquake hits #Alaska just 3 hours after a destructive M6.0 earthquake
  • [19-09] 32 years to the day after the #MexicoCity #earthquake & hours after an earthquake drill Mexico City experiences another dama
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  • [24-01] Following reports of the massive earthquake that struck off the coast of #Alaska? Read about an #earthquake early warning system
  • [11-04] A lot of people are asking how they can get early access to our #earthquake early warning app QuakeAlert. You can sign
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  • [11-04] 4.2 magnitude #earthquake. 117 km from #Tortola, , British Virgin Islands
  • [13-10] #Sismo #Earthquake #PrevencionFF M 4.6 - 79km SSW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands
  • [11-04] #Earthquake M4.2 strikes 135 km N of Charlotte Amalie (U.S. Virgin Islands) 22 min ago. More info:
  • [11-04] #Earthquake M4.6 150km ESE of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 11 Apr 00:41 UTC - report/info:
  • [17-12] #Earthquake M4.9 Philippine Islands Region 11mins ago 17 Dec 08:15 UTC - report/info:
  • [01-10] A 4.6 or 4.7 on the #richter scale #earthquake occurred in #Andaman islands at 6:19 PM1 oct 2017
  • [10-01] An earthquake of magnitude 7.6 in the Caribbean Sea, near #Honduras and the Cayman Islands, was also felt in the #Yucatan
  • [23-12] 4.5 magnitude #earthquake. 213km WNW of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands
  • [31-10] BGS:World Earthquake alert: M 6.8: LOYALTY ISLANDS, Tue, 31 Oct 17, Tue, 31 Oct 2017 00:42:00 GMT #r4today #BBCqt
  • [20-09] No #tsunami threat to Australia from mag. 6.3 #earthquake near Vanuatu Islands. Latest info. at :
Shetland Islands hit by earthquake in early hours
As Scotland Votes on Independence, Shetland Islands Ponder Own Fate As Scotland Votes, Shetland Ponders Own Fate Shetlanders are following the Scottish independence campaign as intently as the rest of the U.K. Some even want another vote soon after—on their own independence from Scotland.
? Fiji Islands Region: भूकंप - Earthquake 5.2 Mb (earthquake.usgs.gov)
Magnitude 6.0 earthquake jolts Mentawai Islands An earthquake, measuring 6.0 on the Richter Scale, jolted Mentawai Islands District of West Sumatra Province on Monday at 04:05 p.m. local time. Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) stated on Monday that the ...
Earthquake Hits Near India's Nicobar Islands Earthquake Hits Near India's Nicobar Islands A 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck near India's Nicobar Islands Friday, according to the country's Meteorological Department.
? Andreanof Islands, Aleutian Is.: Earthquake 5.0 Mb (service.iris.edu)
Earthquake near Pacific Islands Triggers Tsunami Scare The quake was the second recorded in New Caledonia in 12 hours and the third in a month.
5.7-Magnitude earthquake strikes off Japan's Amami islands
Kuril Islands: Землетрясение - Earthquake 5.0 m (geofon.gfz-potsdam.de)
Indonesia earthquake: Magnitude 6 quake strikes off Ambon in Molucca islands An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 struck off Ambon in Indonesia's Molucca islands, the United States Geological Survey said. It struck at a depth of 110 km (68 miles) about 38 km (24 miles) west of Ambon. Ambon has a population of more than 350,000.
Italy earthquake: Child saved after 15 hours under rubble
Uttarakhand gets earthquake early warning system
Cellphones as early earthquake warning devices?
New Earthquake App Will Give U.S. Early Warning System Other vulnerable countries have had systems in place for years.
[GBA/GBC][Early 2000's, Likely Prior to 2010]Fantasy Sidescroller with Floating Islands. (Maybe Roguelike?)
Earthquake Early Warning Systems Taking Too Long to Roll Out, Scientists Say Earthquake Early Warning Systems Taking Too Long to Roll Out, Scientists Say For years, efforts have been under way to outfit the earthquake-prone West Coast of the U.S. with a system to warn residents before the shaking from a quake strikes. Now, scientists are pressing officials to speed up the process.
Questioned till early hours
Got up two hours early and I'm not going back to sleep. What should I do?
PPS to release students two hours early With high temperatures expected and air quality decreasing, all Portland Public Schools will release students two hours early on Tuesday.        
Miscreants strike in early hours
TIL a law from the early 19th century stated that if there was any guano (poop from seabirds) found on a set of remote Pacific Islands that wasn’t already claimed, it belonged to the U.S.
Man, 20, dies after crash in early hours of this morning West Yorkshire Police appeal for information after fatal crash
Patrolling during early hours yields result
Early Hours Yield a Promising Start Early Hours Yield Promising Start American shoppers in search of cheap toys and televisions raced to stores in high numbers after Thanksgiving dinner, signaling that a gambit by big store chains to open at midnight succeeded in drawing more customers.
Mass contact programme concludes in the early hours
How to get from the Faroe Islands to the Shetland Islands How do I get from the Faroe Islands to the Shetland Islands or the other way round? Is there anything besides a flight via Scotland?
How many hours should I consider allowing to visit Suomenlinna and Seurasaari islands? I'm planning a trip to Helsinki (a quick trip indeed, just one day and a half) and I don't want to miss some spots like the Suomenlinna island (the only UNESCO site in the zone) and the Seurasaari island (the open-air museum).Does anybody have any clue about how much time I should consider allowing in order to visit the islands and permit enough time for the rest of the city?My guess is that both the islands are visitable in half a day but I can't find any guide that gives precise information on this point.
How late (and early) in the year can you see the Northern Lights from the Faroe Islands? In the summer in the far north, the Northern Lights become hard to see because the sun is up all of the time. If I am traveling to the Faroe Islands, at what point in the year does it become light enough that you can't see the Northern Lights? March? When does it become dark enough that you can see them again?
Can I refer to the March 11 earthquake without mentioning the word earthquake? Is it possible to refer to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and nuclear incident in everyday conversation, preferably without using the words earthquake or tsunami or nuclear incident? For ...
Why do we say “Japan earthquake” and not “Japanese earthquake”? Isn’t earthquake a noun and the preceding word an adjective? Isn’t “Japanese” the adjectival form of “Japan”?
Where can I see Shetland ponies on Unst? I will be spending a couple days on Unst on the Shetland Islands next year. My wife is very keen on seeing some Shetland ponies, and I am wondering how to go about this.My research seems to indicate that Unst is a good place for this. Furthermore it seems that they are roaming freely and one can find them grazing at the roadsides. Now, by randomly looking through some Google Streetview, all I can find is a lot of sheep.So my question is, how do I go about to find Shetland ponies on Unst? Is there a high probability of us finding them at the roadside without looking for them or are there specific places (farms, parks) where one would have to go to find them?
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Islands (Scotland) Bill - Published by the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body. .parliament.scot // We do not facilitate discussions on our YouTube page but encourage you to share and comment on our videos on your...
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