Economy will shrink by more than 1pc in fourth quarter, think tank NIESR warns

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Economy will shrink by more than 1pc in fourth quarter, think tank NIESR warns
Corporate Profits Set to Shrink for Fourth Consecutive Quarter Corporate Profits Set to Shrink for Fourth Consecutive Quarter More than 90 of the biggest U.S. companies will report results this week, giving a clearer picture of what is expected to be the fourth straight quarter of declining profits.
Taylor Review pay changes could shrink overtime hours, think tank warns Taylor Review pay changes could shrink overtime hours, think tank warns
Economy Up 0.4% in Fourth Quarter Economy Up 0.4% in Fourth Quarter Stronger business spending boosted still-slow growth in the final months of 2012, suggesting that companies are looking to expand despite uncertainty in Washington.
Mexican Economy Slows in Fourth Quarter Mexican Economy Slows in Fourth Quarter Mexico’s economy slowed in the fourth quarter as a sluggish industrial sector partly offset strength in services, although growth in all of 2015 was the fastest in three years.
German Economy Up Slightly in Fourth Quarter German Growth Picks Up Germany's economy gained momentum in the fourth quarter mainly on the back of foreign trade, data from the country's statistics office Destatis show.
Japan’s Economy Shrinks Again in Fourth Quarter Japan’s Economy Shrank Again in Fourth Quarter The world’s third-largest economy contracted for a fourth time in seven quarters as consumers continue to struggle.
U.S. Economy Grew Anemic 0.7% in Fourth Quarter U.S. Economy Grew at Anemic 0.7% Rate in Fourth Quarter The U.S. economy sputtered in the final months of 2015, a sign of flagging momentum amid global weakness and financial market turmoil.
Malaysia's Economy Expands in Fourth Quarter Malaysia's Economy Expands Malaysia's economy expanded at a faster-than-expected 6.4% in the fourth quarter, but economists said the growth pace may not be easy to sustain as government and private investments show signs of tapering off.
ABB Warns Fourth-Quarter Results Hit by Charges ABB Warns on Earnings Power-and-technology company ABB's fourth-quarter earnings will be hit by roughly $260 million in costs related to North Sea power projects and restructuring, it said.
British economy shrinks by 0.5 per cent in fourth quarter
South African Economy Grew 3.2% in Fourth Quarter South African Economy Grew 3.2% South Africa's economy grew 3.2% in the fourth quarter compared with the preceding three-month period, with manufacturing providing a big boost, but the improvement still comes against the backdrop of government forecasts for slower 2012 growth.
French Economy Slows in Fourth Quarter After Paris Attacks French Economy Slows After Paris Attacks French economic growth slowed at the end of 2015 as consumer spending was hampered by unseasonably mild weather and fallout from the deadly terror attacks on the streets of Paris.
UK industry on track to have boosted economy in fourth quarter of 2017 Britain's economy grew at a quarterly rate of 0.4% in the three months to September
Mexico's Economy Posts Steady Growth in Fourth Quarter Mexico's Economy Posts Steady Growth in Fourth Quarter Mexico maintained steady economic growth in the fourth quarter as strong domestic demand offset weaker demand for exports.
Fastenal Warns Fourth-Quarter Earnings Will Miss Expectations Fastenal Warns Quarterly Earnings Will Miss Expectations Maker of industrial and construction supplies blames slowdown in heavy-manufacturing sales, costly hiring of additional employees and narrowing margins.
Eurozone Economy, Prices Accelerate in Fourth Quarter, Survey Suggests Eurozone Economy, Prices Accelerate in Fourth Quarter, Survey Suggests The eurozone economy probably accelerated slightly in the final three months of the year, as surveys of purchasing managers released Thursday also pointed to mounting inflationary pressures that will be welcome news for the European Central Bank.
U.S. Bank Earnings Rose in Fourth Quarter, but FDIC Warns of Credit Risk U.S. Banking Industry Earnings Rose in Fourth Quarter U.S. banking industry profits rose in the fourth quarter of 2015 and its interest margin improved for the first time in five years, but the industry’s outlook was cloudy as a regulator warned of growing credit risk.
Samsung Sees Mild Recovery for Fourth Quarter but Warns of Tough 2016 Samsung Warns of Tough 2016 Samsung Electronics’ fourth-quarter earnings estimates reflected a mild recovery, but remarks from top executives show the company is weighing new approaches to growth.
New York City’s Economy Turns In Robust 2014, Despite Losing Steam in Fourth Quarter New York City Turns In Robust Year, Despite Losing Steam at End New York City’s economy rolled along in 2014, even as a new report showed that it tapped the brakes toward the end of the year.
UK economy picking up, rate hike possible in early 2018 - NIESR
UK economy grew 0.5 percent in three months to November - NIESR estimate
Germany Warns Economy Slowed in Second Quarter Germany Warns Economy Slowed Germany warned its economic growth rate slowed in the second quarter because of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and an unusually weak seasonal pickup this spring.
US think tank warns British economy cannot avoid damage in almost all Brexit trading agreements with EU
(ABC) Eurozone economy 'energized' at third quarter's end | A closely watched survey shows that the eurozone economy picked up steam at the end of the third quarter, reinforcing hopes about the pace of the single currency bloc's recovery
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Pricing and booking mixed-class fares, with economy & premium economy combined? So I find myself flying mixed-class fares pretty often these days, with the long legs in Premium Economy and the short hauls in plain old Economy. Some sample trips flown or planned:SYD-AKL-SFO (NZ), with SYD-AKL in Economy and AKL-SFO in Prem EconSYD-SFO-LAS (UA), with SYD-SFO in Economy Plus and SFO-LAS in EconomyZRH-DXB-SYD (EK/QF), with ZRH-DXB in EK Economy and DXB-SYD in QF Prem EcoProblem is, none of the booking engines I know handle this. For example, if I select "Premium Economy" in my usual favorite, ITA Matrix, it interprets this as "must fly in prem eco or better" and thus doesn't find #1 at all, instead offering $9,000 fares via Hong Kong or something (because there's no Prem Eco for SYD-AKL), and for #2 it quotes me SFO-LAS in First. None of the airline sites listed above seem to cater to this either, except -- oddly enough -- for award redemptions. I usually end up getting quotes for plain old economy and asking actual human travel agents how much an upgrade would cost, but this is slow and inconvenient for everybody involved.So is there a booking engine that lets me specify "fly in premium economy if you can, but economy if not"?
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