Zimbabwe's police and army clash in Harare

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  • [13-01] About last night ☄??#Harare #ZimbabweS/O to @trillangel21 @Raydizz729 for hosting us last night
  • [24-12] About last night ☄??#Harare #ZimbabweS/O to @trillangel21 @Raydizz729 for hosting us last night
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Zimbabwe's police and army clash in Harare
Zimbabwe army takes control of Harare, denies coup Military says president, family safe, pledges to stand down after targeting criminals around president
Zimbabwe army out on streets in Harare; US, UK ask citizens to stay indoors Speculation has been rife in Harare that Mugabe could seek to remove Chiwenga, who is seen as an ally of ousted Mnangagwa.
Zimbabwe army denies coup against Mugabe as it takes control of Harare – live Announcement by military on state broadcaster says President Robert Mugabe and family are safe but army is ‘targeting criminals around him’ ‘The situation has moved to another level’: army statement in full 7.28am GMT Our correspondent in Harare reports that the centre of the seems almost disconcertingly normal. If there were troops near Zimbabwe house and State house, they have gone. There are a handful of troops in the yellow berets of the presidential guard milling around outside their downtown barracks, but no signs of extra ac
Zimbabwe army takes control of Harare but denies coup against Mugabe – live Announcement by military on state broadcaster says President Robert Mugabe and family are safe but army is ‘targeting criminals around him’ ‘The situation has moved to another level’: army statement in full 10.49am GMT The British embassy in Harare has released a statement reiterating the Foreign Office’s updated travel advice for UK nationals in Zimbabwe: Message from Simon Thomas, Acting Ambassador. pic.twitter/qEmCugBQko 10.47am GMT Robert Mugabe is being confined to his home, but is in good health, according to Jacob Zuma
Soldiers on Harare streets as ruling party accuses Zimbabwe army chief of treason By MacDonald Dzirutwe HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabwe's ruling party accused the head of the armed forces of treason on Tuesday as troops took up positions around the capital in an escalation of a dispute with 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe over political succession. Just 24 hours after military chief General Constantino Chiwenga threatened to intervene to end a purge in the ruling party, a Reuters reporter saw six armored personnel carriers on major thoroughfares on the outskirts of the capital. Just go," one soldier said on Harare Drive.
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe 'confined to home' as army takes control of Harare – live Announcement by military on state broadcaster says president and family are safe, but army is ‘targeting criminals around him’, as it denies mounting a coup Reports of explosions and takeover of state broadcaster in Harare We noted the serious concerns about a Twitter account being cited by some news outlets as an official Zanu-PF channel. The BBC, one of those to quote it, has now apologised and corrected the record. Earlier we mistakenly described
Zimbabwe police ban anti-Mugabe protests in Harare
Zimbabwe latest: US embassy tells citizens in Zimbabwe to 'shelter' after explosions heard in capital Harare The American embassy has told its citizens in Zimbabwe to seek shelter after explosions reportedly reverberated through the capital of Harare. “US citizens in Zimbabwe are encouraged to shelter in place until further notice,” the embassy said in a statement posted on its website. The embassy added that diplomatic employees had been advised to remain at home on Wednesday due to “ongoing political uncertainty through the night”.
Peter Godwin Reflects on Harare, Zimbabwe Peter Godwin has watched the African bush retake his impoverished hometown.
Zimbabwe re-names Harare Airport after Mugabe Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe attended a ceremony re-naming Harare Airport in his honour on Thursday, as his sacking of the vice president fuelled...
Zimbabwe's Harare International Airport to be named after Mugabe
Zimbabwe: Harare to Roll Out Prepaid Water Meters
Harare Int'l Airport officially renamed after Zimbabwe's President Mugabe
Leave Zimbabwe now': Harare protests reach Mugabe's residence Thousands of marchers have gathered in the streets of the capital in attempt to force president to resign, four days after the army seized power Marchers massed outside the home of President Robert Mugabe on Saturday as tens of thousands took to the streets of Harare calling for the veteran leader to step down. The crowds gathered from early morning, revelling in their freedom to voice anger at decades of misrule as well as hope for a better future for Zimbabwe. Many waved the national flag, chanting and singing. Some embraced soldiers or pose
Ousted Zimbabwe Vice President returns to hero’s welcome in Harare
Zimbabwe: reports of explosions and takeover of state broadcaster in capital Harare Military chief accused of ‘treasonable conduct’ amid rumours of coup attempt in Harare, after unprecedented challenge to President Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe’s capital was in a state of high tension early on Wednesday amid reports of multiple explosions in the streets and soldiers taking over the state broadcaster and manhandling staff. Witnesses in Harare reported a number of loud explosions and saw armed forces assaulting passers-by in the early hours of the morning.
People attend rally to express support for military in Harare, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe crisis: Emmerson Mnangagwa set to return to Harare and replace Mugabe Robert Mugabe's former ally, whose sacking triggered the chain of events that led to the president's resignation, is due back from exile. Emmerson Mnangagwa could be sworn in as president on Friday.
Zimbabwe crisis: Emmerson Mnangagwa returns to Harare to replace Mugabe Robert Mugabe's former ally, whose sacking triggered the chain of events that led to the president's resignation, has returned to Zimbabwe. Emmerson Mnangagwa could be sworn in as president on Friday.
Battle Lines Drawn Between Army and Police In Zimbabwe Mugabe may not go quietly. And other African heads of state may continue to recognise him.
Zimbabwe: Emmerson Mnangagwa is sworn in as President at packed national stadium in Harare.
Zimbabwe: military takes control of state broadcaster in capital Harare, urges calm Military spokesman says President Robert Mugabe and his family were ‘safe and sound and their security is guaranteed’ made a televised announcement early on Wednesday saying President Robert Mugabe and his family were “safe and sound and their security is guaranteed”.
Zimbabwe coup feared amid explosions in Harare and reported seizure of state media A military spokesman has dismissed rumours of a coup, despite its appearances otherwise. The country has been on edge after reports the army captured critical infrastructure, including state broadcaster ZBC.
Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe finally resigns, sparking wild jubilation on the streets of Harare  Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigns Wild jubilation among MPs as speaker tells parliament  Comes one week after military coup Former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa 'to be sworn in' How Mugabe brought Zimbabwe's economy to its knees Who are Robert Mugabe's indulged children?  ​ Mugabe denied his people freedom and prosperity Robert Mugabe's fall is an opportunity for Zimbabwe​ Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe resigned on Tuesday, bringing to an end 37 years in power which he began as a hero of the struggl
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Evan Mawarire: (20 Nov 2017) Harare Prayer for Zimbabwe - Africa Unity Square.
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Mass prayer held in Harare for political stability - A crowd gathers at Africa Unity Square in the Zimbabwean capital to pray for the political situation to be resolved in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF ...
Zimbawe: Armoured vehicles on patrol in central Harare after military seize control - Footage shows several armoured vehicles deployed on Nelson Mandela Avenue in central Harare, Thursday, after the military seized control and placed ...
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