Criminals on probation committed 120 murders in two years

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  • [09-11] If we carved out the murders committed by POC, Who commit 75% of murders in the USA,we'd find our murder rate = Japan's #ThursdayThoughts
  • [21-01] Hey #Republicans, can we compare the number of murders committed by #illegal immigrants to those committed by…
  • [20-12] What is this “smart, sensible” #guncontrol you speak of? Will it disarm criminals and stop all murders of innocents? Or
  • [06-10] I'm all for #GunControlNow... for DEMOCRATS! All the mass murders are committed by THEM! #LasVegasMassacre
  • [24-01] Why is the possibility that #alcowlings committed the #murders is not considered. I mean he had the same #bronco.…
  • [29-11] LIVE: 'It is possible' #VanBreda committed murders, then had seizure - neurologist
  • [02-11] He COMMITTED the murders. He is not SUSPECTED of doing it. This is not an unsolved crime. #ManhattanAttack @cnn…
  • [06-02] @PoliticalShort @DonaldJTrumpJr Hey idiot, how about all the murders committed by US residents? #fredo
  • [01-11] @kulaha67 STFU#NYCStrong 12% of the population committed 36% of the murders in 2016.
  • [17-09] @fisty I can't watch this w/o thinking how many murders have been committed or disposed of in the hills.…
  • [05-10] Why is everyone so worried about assault weapons when the vast majority of murders are committed with handguns?…
  • [26-10] Watching #BBCPanorama about the probation services, makes me think why the fuck do I want to be a probation officer. ?
  • [27-10] "Mixed picture" of performance by private probation companies, says chief inspector of probation. #bbcpanorama
  • [12-11] #StupidQuestionsForGod How can right wingers claim to read the bible bit not notice all the mass murders you committed
  • [29-09] These group of students kill me, Annaliese cleared them from murders THEY committed and she’s freeing them and there still mad?! #HTGAWM
  • [21-12] While you are wrapping gifts, find out who really committed the #OJsimpson murders with special guest F. Lee Bailey…
  • [16-01] Seems to me that the most recent fifteen or twenty mass murders were committed by Deranged Good Ol' Boys from Trump…
  • [13-01] Burke and Hare were serial killer, they committed 16 murders, and sold the corpses for dissection at anatomy lectur…
  • [25-01] This #EskomInquiry with #Koko & #AnojSingh is very costly cartoon show for the public. These are criminals, they committed fr
  • [20-11] #BREAKINGNEWS #CharlesManson the wild-eyed 1960s cult leader whose followers committed heinous murders that terrori…
  • [09-11] @tokingblackgirl I️ agree. Who gets 12 years probation? Damn he can’t even fart. It seems like he self corrected &…
  • [05-04] Taylor Swift's Stalker Sentenced to 10 Years Probation - Billboard -
  • [03-10] @MilanAzar #NCAA likely to do that before it gets around to putting #UNC on probation for years of academic fraud. #StudentAthletes
  • [01-02] @MikeScarcella It's such a BS charge. 40 years of military service is more than enough to validate a a fine and probation #politics
  • [13-10] Now that I know Agent Keen is free to go being charged w/involuntary man slaughter + 3 years probation i can go to bed. #TheBlacklist
  • [16-11] Ukrainian cops crash cars and kill civilians. Numerous crashes and murders committed by cops over the course of Pet…
  • [25-10] #BBCPanorama #Probation everyone knew that privatisation was doomed to fail three years ago. #Tories are accountable for this disaster
  • [08-11] #KevinHart sending prayers to #MeekMill after judge sentences him to 2-4 years in prison for violating probation.??
  • [01-12] Ole Miss receives 2 year bowl ban, 4 years probation and multiple scholarship losses #OleMiss
  • [17-12] More money needs to go into the parole & probation system. Hire more parole/probation officers. #Dateline
  • [27-08] Please don't say, oh they're just kids. Mass murders have been committed by "just kids" #Charlottesville
  • [03-02] Suge Knight's fiancee jailed for 3 years for probation violation tied to rap mogul's murder case…
  • [01-12] BREAKING: #OleMiss to receive 2 year bowl ban, $179k fine,4 years probation, and 13 Scholarships per @SpiritChuck and @38Godfrey.
Criminals on probation committed 120 murders in two years
Committed murders, robberies, extortions
21 Murders Committed By Women That’ll Fuck You Right Up Ladies... omg.<br/><br/>View Entire Post ›
‘Asaram school murders committed by student’
YouTube parents get 5 years probation
Marad: four juveniles get three years' probation
WOODS: Every crime committed by illegal alien criminals must be laid at the doorstep of #SanctuaryCity mayors.
White Privilege? White man gets 15 years in prison for placing bacon in Mosque; Black woman who tortured white male - and live-streamed it on Facebook - gets four years probation
Petraeus Sentence: Two Years Probation, $100,000 Fine The former general gave classified information to a reporter he was having an affair with.
Poll law violation: 3 years probation for Chatwal
AP Exclusive: Probation ending years after 8-year-old killed FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — The call came in to police dispatch just after 5 p.m. on a cold November evening in the small Arizona town of St. Johns: There was a body on the front porch of a house.
Ex-Adviser Gets 2 Years Probation In Muni Bond Case Ex-Adviser Gets 2 Years Probation In Muni Bond Case A former financial firm chief executive who pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy charges related to his role in bid-rigging in the municipal bond market was sentenced to two years probation, Reuters reports.
The 1960s cult leader whose followers committed murders that shocked America died Sunday
The 1960s cult leader, whose followers committed murders that shocked America, died Sunday
Meek Mill Receives Up to Four Years in Prison for Violating Probation Meek Mill received a sentence of two to four years in prison after the rapper violated his probation with a pair of arrests earlier in the year.
'DaddyOFive' parents face 5 years probation for child neglect The parents behind the incendiary “DaddyOFive” YouTube videos have been sentenced to five years probation on charges of child neglect.
Meek Mill Sentenced to 2-4 Years in Prison for Violating Probation Meek Mill Sentenced to 2-4 Years in Prison for Violating Probation...
HSBC draws line under Mexican cartel case after five-years on probation LONDON (Reuters) - HSBC drew a line under its punishment for lapses in anti-money laundering controls on Monday, saying the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) would end its deferred prosecution agreement, lifting the threat of further penalties.
Couple Sentenced to 5 Years Probation Over YouTube Pranks They Pulled on Kids Michael and Heather Martin entered Alford pleas to two counts of child neglect.
Meek Mill Sentenced to 2 to 4 Years in State Prison for Violating Probation Rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced to prison for a minimum of two years for violating probation
Man murders wife of 20 years
On my one year probation period and my boss said he does not want me to continue probation period. He wants me to consider quitting early. Should I quit or let him fire me?
Four hardened criminals get 10 years’ RI for robbery attempt
Man held for giving false surety for 3,000 criminals over 22 years
Man gets 4 life terms plus 280 years for Rockford murders A northern Illinois man was sentenced Friday to four life terms plus 280 years in prison in the 2014 killings of his ex-girlfriend, her two young sons and her boyfriend.
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If the atoms of a person's body change every x number of years, should the person be prosecuted today for a crime that he/she committed x years ago? I saw this question somewhere in the Internet(I forgot the source) and I think this forum is a good place to ask it. According to what I know, the atoms in a persons body are replaced every certain ...
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Man, 51, c harged over two m urders committed 25 years ago - Man arrested over two cold case murders after 'killing two men 25 years ago because he thought they were stealing drugs from him'.A 51-year-old Queensland man was arrested on Monday over two...
Kim Mathers Probation Violation Hearing 03/20/17 - Kim Mathers Probation Violation Hearing.
Kim Mathers Probation Violation Hearing 03/20/17 - Kim Mathers Probation Violation Hearing.
Probation and Parole | Mt Gravatt | Criminology Careers Evening 2017 - AUGUST 31 2017 | Griffith University mt Gravatt Campus Criminology Careers Evening Hosted by the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Kirsty Hanley, ...
Kimberly D. Follis, of Lowell, apologizes and gets one month's probation for shoplifting two shirts - Kimberly D. Follis, of Lowell, apologizes and gets one month's probation for shoplifting two shirts from Angels Above thrift shop, a charity that provides gifts to ...
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