Tory party conference: David Cameron says Conservatives are ready to lead Britain

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  • [02-10] Batty Hopkins is speaking at the Tory Party Conference all conservatives should be very proud #CPC17
  • [30-09] #CONSERVATIVES Can't imagine granny at the Tory Party Conference is going to change anyone's mind that the #Tories are fit for purpose.
  • [05-10] Just a mile from Tory Party conference in Manchester there is a very different picture of Britain #CPC17 #BBCQT
  • [11-10] Same woman who called a general election and then said her party wasn't ready for it! #Conservatives #Tories #Tory
  • [10-11] Big Fat Tory denying people have died because of Tory DWP rules Meet David Clapson A Veteran #bbcqt The Conservatives are resp
  • [03-10] The dying party @Conservatives. @UKLabour conference hashtag #Lab17 was buzzing all of last week. The @Conservatives one #CFC17 was #DOA
  • [01-10] 15 minutes into @MarrShow at Tory Party Conference, haven't seen a Tory yet. @pollytoynbee show so far. Now #Labour acti
  • [02-10] Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg targeted by protesters at Tory Party Conference over his despicable views #CPC17
  • [02-10] Party faithful in good spirits at the @Conservatives party conference! And it's not even 10 am! When's #Boris on ag…
  • [27-09] Around 60% of the whole Tory party apparatus is Remain. We need a new rightwing political party in Britain. #Brexit…
  • [08-11] When David Cameron resigned, the boss of #MI5 saw all other contenders for Prime Minister implode before Tory membe…
  • [05-10] So, basically, what we've learnt from the Tory Party Conference was that there was no conference, only a rather shocking freak show. #CPC17
  • [07-10] Why not #DavidDavis as the new Leader of the Tory Party. If he hadn't lost to Flashman Cameron we might not be in t…
  • [01-12] @BBCr4today Critics also pointed out that Dylan is a card carrying Tory and close associate of David Cameron, that…
  • [02-10] @gstokey I can't see how Ken Clarke & #PhilipHammond wing of Tory party can stay in a party lead by #BorisJohnson i…
  • [08-10] If David Cameron was a true patriot he’d be saying the same thing today. The damage #Brexit is doing to Britain is obvious a
  • [14-10] Nancy Cameron is cheering her Dad along with Tory MPs. Future leader of the Conservative Party? #pmqs
  • [01-10] Compare the “crowds” at the Tory Party Conference to the ones at Labour’s. The Tories are literally a dying party... #CPC17 ht
  • [23-12] This is Tory Britain. When f**king @Conservatives start bragging how they changed the colour of a passport, watch t…
  • [02-10] An AUTISTIC homeless man pleading to be jailed so he can have warmth!!!! Welcome to Tory Britain #cpc17 #conservatives #hangthetories
  • [10-10] PM reveals she still is a remainer to @IainDale - no more credibility than David Cameron to lead us through Brexit. #UKIP #M
  • [30-09] You know #Britain is fucked when you tweet Chinese #communist party was invited to the #Labour party conference, and no one is interested ?
  • [05-10] A mile from the Tory conference there is a very different picture of Britain
  • [29-10] #Peston @CamCavendish former David Cameron advisor ignores DISGUSTING TORY MINISTERS Mark Garnier Liam Fox Michael Gove
  • [13-04] Still there but only because no-one else in the Tory Party wants the job of dividing Britain. She’s doing a job of that too
  • [17-09] @SebastianEPayne RIP tory party, period. Not impressed. Leaves a gap for hard-right to fill. So, the conservatives…
  • [06-10] Do you think anybody in the tory party watches #Ambulance ? @Conservatives @theresa_may I wonder how they sleep at night? You're failing us
  • [01-10] Tory conference an exercise in collective suffering..#Britain..#Tories
  • [25-09] @jeremycorbyn @MarrShow @Conservatives #JohnMcDonnell magnificient against a Tory party teleported from the 18th century
  • [02-10] Everywhere it seems that conservatives are waking up to the fact that the Tory party is a spent force - and completely repellent. #CPC17
  • [08-10] The Conservatives are facing chaos at their party conference this year
  • [03-10] #Britain voters are wising up on the @Conservatives as being nothing more than a party of back stabbing freeloading blaggers they are
  • [30-11] Try substituting “The Tory Party” for Britain First ...#sameoldtories #tories
  • [07-10] #BrexitInFiveWords Tory party zealots betray Britain.
  • [03-10] Just when you thought Conservatives Party Conference couldn't get any more embarrassing... #CPC17
Tory party conference: David Cameron says Conservatives are ready to lead Britain
Britain Elections: David Cameron's Conservative Party in Lead Cameron's chances have never looked better. So why are the Tories so glum?
David Cameron Faces Pressure From All Directions Ahead of Party Conference U.K. Prime Minister Under Pressure U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron will seek to rally his Conservative party as it gathered for its last annual autumn conference before next year's general election.
Britain's Cameron needs fightback as Conservatives meet
David Cameron’s Conservatives Sweep to U.K. Election Victory Cameron’s Conservatives Sweep to U.K. Election Victory Prime Minister David Cameron swept to an unexpectedly strong election victory with a majority in Parliament, and immediately vowed to give more powers to Scotland and let voters have a say on whether to stay in the European Union.
U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron Tries to Convince Fellow Conservatives on EU Reforms Cameron Tries to Convince Conservatives on EU Prime Minister David Cameron moved to shore up support in his Conservative Party for his European agenda while also reaching out to fellow leaders abroad, both early steps toward a promised referendum on the U.K.’s European Union membership.
Cameron’s Conservatives Have Lead in U.K. Vote Cameron’s Conservatives Have Lead in U.K. Vote Prime Minister Cameron’s Conservatives are forecast to win the largest number of seats in the U.K. Parliament, according to exit polls and early returns.
U.K.’s David Cameron Pushes EU Counterparts for More Concessions to Keep Britain in Bloc U.K. Pushes Its EU Partners for More Concessions Prime Minister David Cameron was engaged in a tough fight in Brussels over his demands for reshaped ties with the EU as leaders aired differences over how long Britain would be able to restrict benefits to EU migrants.
U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron to Resign After Britain Votes to Leave EU U.K. Prime Minister Cameron to Resign British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would step down after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum.
David Cameron Highlights Britain’s Martial Glories in Case for Staying in EU Cameron Highlights Britain’s Martial Glories in EU Campaign The campaign to keep the U.K. in the European Union stepped up a gear on Monday, with Prime Minister David Cameron evoking Britain’s past martial glories as evidence of the need to keep the nation at the forefront of European affairs.
Cameron's Conservatives to Be Biggest Party, Close to Majority: UK Exit Poll The poll put the Conservatives on 316 seats and the opposition Labour Party on 239.
'Ruth Davidson runs an autocratic party'...Senior Tory claims Conservatives in Scotland like a 'renaissance court' A SCOTTISH Tory stalwart, who was blocked from taking a vacant seat in the European Parliament, has branded Ruth Davidson's party “autocratic”.
Tory party conference attendance is moribund.
HRI campaigners march on Tory party conference - how you can be there too Protesters will descend on Manchester by train
David Cameron to lead £750m UK-China investment initiative Former prime minister will take charge of £750m fund to improve transport links between China and its trading partnersDavid Cameron has taken a job leading a billion-dollar investment initiative agreed between the UK and China.T..
Nicola Jennings on the Tory party conference – cartoon Continue reading...
Delegates get frisky in loos at the Tory Party conference Nicky Morgan, the former education secretary and MP for Loughborough, was reportedly redoing her make-up at the mirror nearby as the lustful encounter took place.
Protesters descend on Tory Party conference in Manchester Demonstrators carried a menacing banner showing leading Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg with an arrow shot through his head.
David Cameron given special dispensation to broker talks between Britain and China in new role leading £750m investment fund David Cameron given special dispensation to broker talks between Britain and China in new role leading £750m investment fund
BBC's Laura Kuenssberg to get bodyguard at Tory party conference BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg to have bodyguard protection at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester this week.
David Cameron Demands Inclusion of Green Party in TV Debates Cameron added that he would be “happy for there to be no debates at all”.
@Conservatives: Watch the Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin address Conservative Party Conference 2017.
Welcome to the weirdest place on Earth: the Tory party conference | John Crace If you thought young activists posing for selfies with the DUP’s Arlene Foster was as strange as it could get, think again Everywhere I went at the Tory party conference felt like disappearing down a wormhole into a parallel universe. One minute I was in a fringe meeting where a cabinet minister was saying Britain must be prepared for no deal with the EU, and the next I was in the main exhibition hall where the Conservatives had accepted a round-the-clock advert from the Port of Dover authority, showing on every TV screen, which claimed Dover
Boris Johnson Intervenes On Brexit Again Ahead Of Tory Party Conference Boris Johnson has intervened on Brexit yet again, putting Theresa May under fresh pressure ahead of the Tory party conference.
U.K.'s Cameron Heads for Tough Party Conference U.K.'s Cameron Faces Tough Party Conference British Prime Minister David Cameron will attempt to rally his Conservative Party at its annual conference next week following a series of embarrassing policy gaffes.
What does David Cameron’s “You did Britain a service, and kicked that useless voting system off,” mean? British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a speech to the annual Conservative Party Conference held on October 5th in Manchester. The New Yorker magazine (October 5) introduced some of clips ...
Are the Conservatives preventing Britain from get the best possible Brexit deal from the EU; are they prepared to accept the consequences, if their actions harm the country? Why doesn't Labour distance itself from this historic error?
Did Prime Minister David Cameron commit necrophilia with a pig's head? Doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment is the idea that UK Prime Minister David Cameron did something unspeakable to a dead pigs head when he was in University. Twitter being Twitter, the actual ...
Was David Cameron linked to “Hang Nelson Mandela” posters in the 1980s? A post circulating Facebook and elsewhere reads: Nelson Mandela will die soon. Today, tomorrow, this week, next week. It won't be long. Remember this, he out-lived Thatcher. When he does die, and ...
Battle for Britain, David Bowie I'm trying to figure out what's going on in David Bowie's song, Battle for Britain. (The intro ends at 0:35 or so.) These are the chords, near as I can tell. One chord per measure. En B F# A A ...
Use of “well” in “Britain’s Labour Party is in thrall to a man well to the left of Mr Sanders” I have a question about a sentence from an article of The Economist Magazine: Britain’s Labour Party is in thrall to a man well to the left of Mr Sanders. Does the word "well" in this sentence ...
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