DVDs of the week: Casanova, The Hills have Eyes, Good Night, and Good Luck. and more

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  • [08-04] Good night Neesoners. Good week.I love these eyes ❤#liamneeson #blueeyes
  • [03-11] It can be done, I believe! Good Luck Alison, good luck TYT army, good luck California, good luck America! #TYTLive
  • [17-09] Good night everyone! Good movie, good tweets and good host. See you next week! #svengoolie
  • [10-01] ** $10,500 ROLLING JACKPOT THURSDAY ** Eyes Down 7.30pm - Cafe Opens Early. $999 End Of Night Jackpot - Good Luck!…
  • [24-01] * ROLLING JACKPOT $4560 TONIGHT *$1200 End Of Night Jackpot & Double Roulette Games.Eyes Down 7.30pm - Good Luck…
  • [06-02] Good luck #SpaceX! Good luck #ElonMusk! Good luck #FalconHeavy! It's gonna be great!
  • [03-11] This is @TheMattCamp signing off for the night. Back on the air Saturday 3-5E and Sunday 1-7E for #GAMEDAY. Good luck in Week 9!
  • [19-11] @peterkay_co_uk good to see you last night on the #jonathanrossshow brilliant comedian mate good luck with the tour
  • [17-01] It's the end of an era at #4Corners as we farewell our colleague, the great Marian Wilkinson. Good night and good luck @mw
  • [21-11] @BTS_twt good luck 4 #ellenshow..enjoy urself there...hope today will be another good day for all of us.. Good luck…
  • [16-09] #readingretail everyone looks bloody gorgeous !! Have s good night & good luck everyone :))
  • [22-12] @tomshillue Hey?...Good Afternoon! Good luck on @TheFive Prayers you and your family have a wonderful and safe week…
  • [10-04] Strong words here... Shenandoah fired head fb coach Bryan Diekmann last night -- good luck finding anyone as good a…
  • [15-10] Good luck to all on day 3 #bbr3 @PCA hopefully back tomorrow hope the hills aren’t as steep #badenoughinavan .
  • [05-10] Good luck tomorrow night, Vox Machina! Gilmore wishes you all the best of luck! #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart
  • [15-04] Good night internet good night twitter folks good night #Toonami #staygold till 2019 no matter what
  • [03-10] #FIFA U-17 World Cup - All eyes on the #FIFAU17WC trophy ?. Good luck @IndianFootball Team. #SAI ??⚽️
  • [23-11] @buryfcofficial Season starts today ! Good luck to the new management team ! and Good Luck to the Mighty Shakers ! #buryfc #uts
  • [14-10] @ggallagher71 @womenfitness @drinkRAu @PolarRose7 This would be awesome! ? Good luck Gina! Good luck Dana! ??? #veganhour #HealthyEating
  • [01-02] Good night! Tomorrow is my Friday so hopefully tomorrow goes by fast ? good luck to all! ?? take care from the cold…
  • [03-10] Left coast sleeping off sick& #DVPit 1/2 over before I wake. Thank God 4 Tweetdeck & so much good luck good luck y'all. <3 @BethPhelan & co!
  • [26-12] Good luck to the mighty wizards today in the gnoll, no bigger stage @AberavonRFC good luck #derbyday
  • [31-07] Good luck on your travels up north today, prop comics. Good fucking luck #Edinburgh #Fringe
  • [17-09] "Good night, good night! Texting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow." #UpdateShakespeareBadly
  • [29-09] Good night everypawdy. Have a really good week! We are headed into the bedroom to watch the new #StarTrekDiscovery… :
  • [20-11] @shinybluedress @cmwolfy12 Good night everyone! See you all next week. Take good care. ?☕️ #csaqt
  • [30-09] I did not recognise #Speedomick with his clothes on. Good luck with your fund raising and good luck to #Everton later today
  • [17-09] Good night #Svengoolie fans! So many good tweets, it was impossible to read & like them all! I hope to see you next week for
  • [25-01] @abelhernandezok Good luck with the injury and the rest of the season. Whatever the future holds, good luck with th…
  • [08-10] Good luck to everyone taking part in the #RoyalParksHalf tomorrow! #10YearsRunning [GIF: Good Luck from #TeamScope]
  • [28-01] Good luck to the @westindies under 19's. Good luck to the Windies U19 team in their finals match against Sri Lanka!…
  • [21-04] So many Beaver sports today! Good luck to @UMFsoftball @UMF_XC_TF and @UMFBeaverBall ! And good luck…
  • [28-09] All eyes on @PierreGASLY this weekend, making his debut at @ToroRossoSpy for the #MalaysianGP! Good luck mister :)…
  • [01-10] Good luck to everyone taking part in the @CardiffHalf today. Good luck! #RunTheDiff
DVDs of the week: Casanova, The Hills have Eyes, Good Night, and Good Luck. and more
Good luck getting service if this "Mansion" is up in the hills aka see you tomorrow guys thanks for donating hehehehe
This is the good luck baby. Like this baby for good luck today or shadow demons from the BP corporation will consume you.
Good luck eclipsing your best score in this week's news quiz Prince Frederik of Denmark caused a drama at a Brisbane bar, Nick Kyrgios showed us what he's capable of against the world number one, and it was announced that Australia would take part in Eurovision again.
Got some real good pack luck this year, was able to make a really good team.
trippity cricket, gave him some of my mushrooms and he ate a good amount of it, it's about 15 mins later and I can tell he's tripping ass pretty hard, good luck
Good luck or good play?
Uncertainty no more, looks good for crypto in general. Here's to a good week boys!
Pirated DVDs rob Vishwaroopam of good response on the first day
Good bye painful ingrown toe nail! It's been super painful for several weeks and last night the podiatrist hacked that sucker out. A few days and I'll be as good as new!
When do you say ‘good evening’ and ‘good night’?
So many people view their life is a series of clever decisions marred by bad luck, whereas it could have been good luck that made those decisions go well, and bad decisions that they think were unlucky.
Good luck and all the best
‘Good luck, everybody’
‘Good luck for WC'
Good luck with that...
Another good one, luck really has been with me lately
Red-eyes deck good? I think i’ll remove meteor dragon red eyes
Got two week passes left to the New Zealand LPGA event. If you wanna come watch some good golf and see Lydia Ko. Let me know. First two write me can have em. Everyone else. Go support the women! They are good at golf
‘It’s all about chance and good luck!’
Good luck before going to Holy war
Wishing good luck, a novel way
Good Luck, Chuck Obama’s jobs plan is going nowhere. New York’s Senator Schumer may be the best hope to save it.
‘To bring good luck’
Seven babies, and then one more for good luck
With the phrase “good night” do you have to use an apostrophe before the word “night” if you are to omit the use of “good?” Am I actually contracting the phrase by omitting "good" from it, hence the need for the use of an apostrophe?
Is there an idiom or word or phrase for having good luck when you also had bad luck? E.g.: He fell off a cliff, but he only broke his leg. Was he lucky or unlucky? He was unlucky he fell off a cliff but he was also lucky that he only broke his leg. So he was both! Is there a word ...
Story about a man who has alternating streaks of good luck and bad luck I remember reading a story, I think in the early nineties though it's probably a lot older than that, about a man who would have streaks of good luck, alternated with equal streaks of bad luck. So ...
Good Luck **in** all your endeavors' versus Good Luck **to** all your endeavors' What is the difference between 'I am currently busy with family stuff so I really don't know when is a good time to catch up. Good Luck in all your endeavors' versus 'I am currently busy with ...
Good morning vs. Good night [duplicate] I find that good morning is used both at the beginning of conversations (as in, "Good morning! How are you today?") and as a means of saying farewell. The same is true for good evening. In contrast, ...
2011 ford fusion SEL , All lights work good, Battery good, Connections good, Fuses good, won't turn over or even click, Why? Took battery out had tested, good (only yr. old w/850 CCA).. Lights are bright and do not dim when turning on key to try to start. Checked all fuses, all good. Daughter drove it to work (ran great ...
AC sen
Some good stuff going on before bed good night - Hi hi hi hi hi hi good good good good good night night night night night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Good luck Professor Gravelle! -
Good luck Jamie Baillie! - Good luck Jamie Baillie and the whole Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party team on election day. Let's paint Nova Scotia blue tonight!
Good Luck Raley Pasibe! - We at DTC-TV, as well as the Northview High School administration, faculty, staff, and students, would all like to wish our very own Raley Pasibe the best of luck ...
Good luck in Detroit Ron Gardenhire - Good Luck Ron Gardenhire.
withi Know