PMQs: Conservative and Labour leaders on prosecutions

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  • [13-12] This Conservative Government will deliver for the people of the UK as we leave the EU. What would Labour do? #PMQs htt
  • [12-10] Theresa May cheered by Conservative MPs as she attacks Labour policy pledges #PMQS
  • [14-09] Conservative MP asks PM to condemn Labour for undermining the rule of law. Apparently without irony. #PMQs
  • [14-10] UK LABOUR gets a proper trashing at #PMQs LABOUR needs to establish it's NOT a racist party. Both LABOUR Leader & C…
  • [23-11] Best PMQs line yet?"I hope it won't take Labour 650 years to have a female leader"#PMQs #TheresaMay #BlackRod
  • [24-11] #Labour #Conservative Conservative cabinet members, who are all millionaires, do not use publicly funded educationa…
  • [15-11] Retweeted Labour Supporters (@LabourMedia4S):The reality of a Tory Government. #PMQs #Labour…
  • [11-12] @theresa_may at #PMQs can you ask @jeremycorby as a ex @labour voter who voted #Brexit where labour stand on free m…
  • [05-10] The difference between a #Conservative and #Labour voter. #Tory supporters want good things for everyone, Labour just want it for themselves
  • [04-10] The Conservative Party couldn't even reach 200 seats between 1997-2009. In 2017, Labour got 262. But Labour are "be…
  • [10-11] Her Majesty’s Conservative Govt Nov 2017. #PMQs
  • [01-11] Conservative MP Damian Green caught yawning during #PMQs
  • [13-09] Thank you @KarenLeeMP! You tell Hunt we all know our NHS is being failed by the Conservative Party #PMQs
  • [15-11] Before #JackieBaillie 4 day reign as Scottish Labour there was eight leaders & two interim leaders: Leonard or Sarw…
  • [14-10] Nancy Cameron is cheering her Dad along with Tory MPs. Future leader of the Conservative Party? #pmqs
  • [14-11] #PMQs Why can't the Tories be proud of Conservative policies? Corbyn should be getting crushedbut Theresa May is weak
  • [26-09] Labour pledge to bring PFI contracts in-house alarms business leaders #labourconference2017 #johnmcdonnell #labour .
  • [01-10] #Marr Jeremy Corbyn is Labour's best asset, Theresa May is Labour's second best asset just edging out Boris. Conservative
  • [17-04] This Conservative Government has slashed public services and expects local councils to pick up the pieces. #PMQs :
  • [11-10] May Vs Corbyn in #PMQs - Never have I seen more weaker leaders for their respective parties.
  • [18-11] Leaders (and Acting Leaders) of Scottish Labour since 1999:DewarMcLeish(Jamieson)McConnell(Jamieson)Alexande…
  • [14-11] These Conservative #Liberals speak like evangelical leaders, not politicians. #4corners
  • [03-04] @DrDavidDuke Can’t Believe For All These Decades That The Conservative Leaders Couldn’t Figure This Out⁉️But Now @POTUS Wa
  • [21-09] #Leadership in #IOT: @KeithFenner explaining how difficult it is to get conservative leaders to take risks & experiment. #Gart
  • [08-04] I hear the #TrumpTower fire got out of control because a group of #Conservative leaders meeting nearby first tried to put i
  • [30-09] Conservative leaders sign a letter urging #Trump to speak out against the #AltRight movement
  • [03-10] Under a conservative Government. LOL. #labour sucks
  • [01-11] With greed, corruption and sexism happening in the heart of the country, it’s no wonder the population revolts. There are no leaders! #PMQs
  • [27-01] Fake a** conservative, no conservative calls @DineshDSouza "The criminal Dinesh". OMG you sound so conservative. Yo…
  • [13-09] Leaders head off to party conferences with yet another emphatic victory for Corbyn, May increasingly on borrowed time #PMQs
  • [01-10] #Labour and #Conservative conferences, compare and contrast.... :-P
  • [29-09] Labour and Conservative records on the national debt
PMQs: Conservative and Labour leaders on prosecutions
Lord Ashcroft Polls: The Conservative Brand: and how voters compare the Conservative and Labour agendas
Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy Emma Dent Coad says remarks were taken wrong way after Tory assembly member condemned them as racist and hate-filled The Labour MP Emma Dent Coad has apologised for referring to a Conservative London assembly member as a “token ghetto boy” in a blogpost written before she was elected, after two Tory MPs called for the whip to be removed. Shaun Bailey, who was then Hammersmith’s Conservative parliamentary candidate, said the MP had written “racist, hate-filled remarks”.
Labour and Conservative records on the national debt | Isn't it nice to have the whole picture?
U.K. Conservative Party Wins Key Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour U.K. Conservative Party Wins Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour Trudy Harrison won a seat that the center-left Labour Party had held for decades, giving Prime Minister Theresa May a boost before she formally starts the U.K.’s negotiations on leaving the European Union.
Theresa May’s inspirational speech at the Conservative conference must become the party’s focus and blueprint — or we will have to worry about Labour INSTEAD of debating the future of the country at their party ­conference, the Tories have been ­distracted by Boris Johnson’s leadership ­ambitions. The party needs to get its mojo back, and fast. If they do not, we discovered at ­Labour’s conference last week what is at stake. Because what Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor, […]
Hundreds of Conservative Leaders #StandWithRoyMoore
Romney Woos Conservative Leaders Romney Woos Conservative Leaders While ramping up efforts to win swing voters, the presumptive GOP presidential candidate is trying to persuade conservative leaders to back him and help drive Republican turnout this fall.
Business Leaders Voice Support for U.K.’s Conservative Party Business Leaders Voice Support for U.K.’s Conservative Party Business leaders from more than 100 companies released a letter backing the U.K.’s Conservative Party, marking a significant escalation in the intervention from British business ahead of a national election.
House GOP Leaders Surprised by Conservative Opposition to Health Plan House GOP Leaders Surprised by Conservative Opposition to Health Plan While House Republican leaders were surprised by the extent of conservatives’ opposition to their proposed health legislation, there were signs of dissent before it was unveiled.
Religion in the Crosshairs? Conservative Leaders Sound Alarm on Latest Attack
Conservative Christian Leaders Praise President Trump’s Pick for Supreme Court Conservative Christian Leaders Praise Trump’s Pick for Supreme Court The nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch is payoff for Christian voters who bet on a Republican candidate who at times tested their values.
House Leaders Unlikely to Propose Bill Linking Debt-Ceiling Increase to Conservative Issues House Leaders Unlikely to Push Bill Linking Debt-Ceiling to Conservative Issues House Republican leaders are unlikely to bring up a bill that would tie a debt-ceiling increase to several other conservative policy proposals, underscoring the party’s deep divisions over how to tackle the debt ceiling.
Fewer anti-Trump pieces, more balanced reporting: What conservative readers want from the L.A. Times' new leaders The vast majority of the letters to the editor we receive on Donald Trump take a position opposing the president. This was the case during his candidacy for president, and it has been so since his inauguration. But the masthead changes at the Los Angeles Times this week — in which the paper’s top...
Theresa May's First PMQs: Her Four Best Moments Britain's new prime minister delivered a hammering to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Corbyn attacks May at PMQs over cuts and economy Jeremy Corbyn has attacked the government’s record on the economy, accusing Tory MPs of telling each other "we've never had it so good". The Labour leader also criticised the government for cuts in police and prison officer numbers over the past seven years. Theresa May highlighted the UK’s record employment figures announced that were announced today.
Did Theresa know her friend was dead man walking at PMQs? Theresa May and Damian Green shared a warm moment during a typically adversarial Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, just hours before she was forced to ask for his resignation...
PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn Attacks Cameron Over Tax Cameron also slammed Corbyn's personal finances.
The labour leaders from Ceylon
PMQs: May defends Carillion actions after Corbyn criticism
PMQs: Corbyn and May clash over public sector pay and zero hours contracts In the first PMQs since the summer, the party leaders exchanged blows over the issue of zero hours contracts and public sector pay.
Theresa May faces Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs - Politics live Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and David Davis, the Brexit secretary, giving evidence to the Commons Brexit committee 12.38pm GMT Nicky Morgan, the Conservative chair of the Treasury committee, asks if the government will publish details of its plans for financial services after Brexit. May says the government wants financial services to have a bright future after Brexit. 12.37pm GMT The SNP’s Deidre Brock asks if the government will publish details
Women leaders needed for labour movement
Two BMS leaders to attend labour meet in Geneva
Conservative Voters: What are your best points to convince someone that voting conservative is the right thing to do?
Labour-saving vs. Labour-augmenting technical change
If in a situation,conservative and non-conservative forces act, what’s the general way to find work done by an individual force?
Thought Leaders OF or Thought Leaders IN Physics? [closed] Which of the two is correct or more natural?
it is the labour itself, or the labour-to-be Does "labour-to-be" mean "the labour that is expected" or "the labour that is required for existence"? The world is made up of random encounters (Lucretius, Hobbes, Marx, Althusser). Art, too, is ...
What's a “labour of love”? I found that phrase applied a lot to women but then also to men (so that's probably not [only] related to being "in labour"). At first I thought it had to do with motherly/parenthood chores. But now ...
labour v.s. labourer [closed] What's the difference between them when I mean "worker"? In other word, which one below is right? Companies can barely find young labours in an ageing society. Companies can barely find young ...
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Falk new Conservative candidate for Battlefords-Lloydminster - Rosemarie Falk of Lloydminster was declared the winner in the Conservative Party nomination race for the riding, November 11, 2017. She will be running in the ...
Adam Densmore - Western Conservative Summit 2017 - Adam's winning speech for the "Under 30" speech contest. Begins with most of the introduction.
Meg Meeker Author Interview with Conservative Book Club - Are you tired of the liberal Dad-Shaming that goes on in our pop culture and media? Then pick up Dr. Meg Meeker's new book "Hero: Being the Strong Father ...
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