Margaret Court claims holidays ruined by same-sex marriage

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Margaret Court claims holidays ruined by same-sex marriage
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I'd refuse to play': King wants Margaret Court renamed
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Navratilova Demands Renaming Of Margaret Court Arena Court refused to fly on Qantas due to its support of same-sex marriage.
Margaret Court's Australian Open boycott: Why all the controversy? Margaret Court, an 11-time winner at the Australian Open, will not be in attendance at this year's tournament after deciding to boycott the opening grand slam of the year. Court is a senior pastor at Perth’s Victory Life church and has been a critic of homosexuality for decades. The former women’s world No 1 won a record 24 grand slam singles titles during her career.
I'd refuse to play': King wants Margaret Court Arena renamed
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Government rejects claims the same-sex marriage survey is unconstitutional The Federal Government rejects arguments its decision to spend $122 million on the optional same-sex marriage postal survey, run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, is unconstitutional, in submissions to the High Court.
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