Social media users blast Zoella for selling a £50 advent calendar… which only contains 12 PRODUCTS

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  • [22-11] Zoella 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar now half price! #beauty #bbloggers #Christmas
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  • [01-10] @Zoella Zoës tweet this morning!??#itsoctober @Zoella #zoella
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  • [04-12] I see the #repealthe8th crowd are publishing an advent calendar. You know advent, where we count down to the abor..... no
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  • [23-11] Calling all foodies have you seen @mylegoman social media calendar..... available at
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  • [25-11] Fancy winning this Yankee candle advent calendar?Please go to fb houseofelliottgifts to enter #yankee candles#advent
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Social media users blast Zoella for selling a £50 advent calendar… which only contains 12 PRODUCTS
Zoella apologises over advent calendar Fans criticised the YouTuber for the price of the 12-day calendar.
This Startup Uses Social Media to Bring Its Users Hard-to-Get Products
11-24 23:12 - 'British Entertainer Zoella Sales Advent Calendars For Ridiculous £50' (youtube) by /u/DabOnJEFF removed from /r/unitedkingdom within 154-164min
I invite you to join our Christmas Advent Calendar Giveaway, 24 days of nail product gifts. Join by Nov, 30 at [Christmas Advent Calendar Giveaway](
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