Comment: I know it looks grisly, but don't give up on Westminster yet – Conservative benches are fizzing with talent

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  • [04-11] Whose to say that once you're an adult you're more mature. Let's take a look a the Conservative benches ? #VotesAt16 #NoConfidence
  • [03-11] We dont care how stressed u r we dont give a fuck what ur going through,u dont call black people kaffir/nigger u just dont #VickiMomberg
  • [04-11] There R tons of networks dat would love 2have this show your ratings are killing it dont give up dont give in #BeingMaryJane @itsgabrielleu
  • [04-10] #Libya comment by @BorisJohnson shocking the @Conservative audience laughing after the dead bodies comment wld this be OK 4 Man'tr/London
  • [05-11] Oh dear - now Tamworth’s very own Conservative MP has been dragged into this mucky mess #Tories #Westminster…
  • [11-04] On May 3rd, residents across the #WestEnd face a choice:Conservative #Westminster has:✅ Twice weekly bin collections
  • [09-11] Stuart Polak, director of both the Conservative Friends of Israel, and The Westminster Connection, sat in on #PritiPatel
  • [29-09] Give me your definition of talent. Me: #CriticalRole #talent #movieandchill
  • [18-09] Americans...please dont give #JamesCorden a bad time....we dont want the fat cunt back...#Emmys
  • [08-10] #Yankees need that Kevin Millar Attitude in 04’ !!!! Dont Give up! Dont let Us Win This Game!!! ??
  • [18-11] #pacers dont give a fuck about refs anymore. Dont miss #PaulGeorge complaining instead of fighting.
  • [08-10] #thechase i dont read books to my sons....i dont get fuck all questions right... give zero imput in final chase...walks away with 5g.
  • [07-01] #MyNewNetflixSeries is called "Benches," which is just the movie "Beaches," but with benches instead of beaches.S…
  • [18-09] #theView keeps recruiting #FoxNews talent to have a conservative voice….but has a gag order on what they say…smh
  • [12-01] “We have a pipeline of talent in the Conservative Party” says Michael Gove. #BBCR4today
  • [12-12] #DeneenBorelli is a real talent, conservative, sensible, and beautiful. Talking about #JohnConyers vs #AlFranken se…
  • [02-10] #Colts issues: 1. Stupid mistakes 2. Going conservative 3. Not enough talent. @GreggDoyelStar column
  • [23-11] "So the message is, Westminster only works for Scotland if Scotland votes Conservative?"Pretty good summary from…
  • [20-12] Boycott #TimeWarner @twxcorp @CNN. All the same company.@ATT too if they buy and dont make conservative
  • [14-12] #scotnight @DeanLockhartMSPlast comment fro a #tory trying to defend Westminster. Where is #ruthdavidson ? Or is she hiding again?
  • [22-11] .@Kirstene4Angus #PMQs a disgraceful comment from one of the most spectacularly useless MPs at Westminster. #torydirt
  • [10-12] Reader’s comment: The #Guardian’s race obsession | The #Conservative Woman
  • [27-01] Fake a** conservative, no conservative calls @DineshDSouza "The criminal Dinesh". OMG you sound so conservative. Yo…
  • [30-09] @TheView @Brianteta You dont need Meghan McCain or others joining just for the sake of having a conservative view.…
  • [22-01] @JohnFugelsang Please..protests? I dont give a crap about #HanoiJane protesting or anyone else. Lame! What a give a…
  • [02-10] Two minutes into the #ThisIsUs premiere, and there's a smarmy comment about black conservative women. I will quit you.
  • [13-04] Ive Been Goin Hard For #TheRapGame and they still dont see the kid talent smh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
  • [06-01] ESPN host SLAPPED by a conservative for THIS comment, Kellerman is a typical liberal crying on tv, he should resign…
  • [13-12] Reader’s comment: UN’s great ‘clean energy’ scam | The #Conservative Woman | The philosophy not the party…
  • [25-12] This Dumisani kid on #RhythmCity can act.. amazing talent.. we dont get that these days ?
  • [08-12] #YouDontBelongOnTwitterIf U dont follow #MichaelDeLorenzo@theRealMikeDelo ??How could you not?! So much talent & such
  • [29-11] #FindLoveWithKholi #CountryDuty Black child dont overlook your Talent
  • [18-04] 500,000 FutureCoin AIRDROP (first 2000 to comment their ERC-20)1) Follow1) Like2) Retweet3) Comment ETH#Airdrop #give
  • [16-04] Vous avez un talent dont tout le monde se fiche? #BrunoFunRadio
  • [21-12] @WWEUniverse jason jordan dont got any talent he is a wanna be fighter whoes dad #kurtangle does everything for him…
Comment: I know it looks grisly, but don't give up on Westminster yet – Conservative benches are fizzing with talent
Conservative MP offended over hair comment on First Dates celebrity special Michael Fabricant went on a date with a writer, who made some remarks about his hair.
Fizzing up the music
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I am a new youtube/twitch streamer and I am only reaching a few people so you only live once go check me out I think my best video is where is the stones!! Please give me a watch comment with advice thank you
Don't bother buying Reddit Gold. The leftist cabal just has it removed if its on a conservative comment or post. I guilded a post in PH yesterday, today, post is removed and my gilding doesn't show up in the post. I want my 4 bucks back.
Lord Ashcroft Polls: The Conservative Brand: and how voters compare the Conservative and Labour agendas
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Conservative Voters: What are your best points to convince someone that voting conservative is the right thing to do?
Trump is a typical conservative. That says a lot about the conservative tradition.
[TOMT][comment]Brutal but hilarious Reddit comment in reply to a serious post
Jay you friggen butt head, I make this long ass comment just for you and you end up deleting your comment right before I can reply with it fuck sakes
oldpeoplefacebook | Image | "The doughnuts comment was confusing, but the last comment is the real gem.
Comment from EACommunityTeam is currently at -425,000 votes, the most down-voted Reddit comment in history!
Each comment is a deep insight on life, but every other comment in between is silly / dumb.
@Conservatives: Watch the Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin address Conservative Party Conference 2017.
I love it. I make a comment that offends someone enough to whine to the mods so that I get banned, yet the lemmings who read the comment can keep downvoting the shit out of it
With Manchester United at home, the Conservative Confrence and the potentially 50'000 strong anti-conservative march to join them...lets have a chat about how manchester is a no-go zone today.
Why have conservative Presbyterians objected to chapters on the Holy Spirit and the Gospel in the Westminster Confession? In the United States, the mainline Presbyterian denomination (the PCUSA), along with several other Presbyterian bodies, include two chapters that were first added to the Westminster Confession in 1903....
Give me Some Guidance About Importing Talent-Exchange Platform through Ethereum
If in a situation,conservative and non-conservative forces act, what’s the general way to find work done by an individual force?
Comment traduire « I don't give a damn » ? Quelles possibilités existent pour traduire « I don't give a damn » ?
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