This Brain Exercise Could Actually Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

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  • [15-10] People feel they have no way to reduce Alzheimer’s risk.They are so wrong!Follow dictates of @RudyTanzi#SHIELD mantra &U can lower y\risk.
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  • [31-08] #Corrie An FYI. Rita has a brain tumour, not dementia. She is being killed off in the new year.
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This Brain Exercise Could Actually Reduce Your Risk of Dementia
Can This Brain Exercise Put Off Dementia Can This Brain Exercise Put Off Dementia? A major new study is believed to be the first to show that a behavioral intervention—a brain exercise called speed training—can reduce dementia risk.
Can this Brain Exercise Really Prevent Dementia? Brain training has earned a deservedly bad rap, but this study might just stand apart from the pack.
Study: Statins Reduce the Risk of Dementia Can cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce the risk of dementia?
Positive Beliefs About Aging May Reduce Dementia Risk Study "makes a case for implementing a public health campaign against ageism."
Simple lifestyle modifications can help reduce risk of dementia
Spinach, Brussels sprouts and kale can help reduce dementia risk A new scientific report finds leafy green vegetables help preserve memory skills
Help reduce the road toll: How to reduce the risk of animal collisions
Preventing dementia with computerized brain training Brain training using a specialized computer program can reduce the risk of dementia by almost one third, a newly published study shows. The participants were involved in the training over a ten-year period.
Nine lifestyle changes can cut dementia risk
Marriage could lower risk of dementia Your relationship status might be associated with your dementia risk, and a new research review paper reveals how.
Astronauts face dementia risk
Being single may up dementia risk: Study
Marriage could lower risk of dementia by 42% Your relationship status might be associated with your dementia risk, and a new research review paper reveals how.
Lupus may DOUBLE the risk of dementia Having lupus increases the risk of developing dementia for people who suffer from the chronic autoimmune disease, like Selena Gomez, by 51 percent, according to a new, large-scale study from Israel.
Scans show lower brain serotonin levels linked to dementia Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that lower levels of serotonin transporter in the brain are linked to dementia.
How marriage might be linked to lower dementia risk Your relationship status might be associated with your dementia risk, and a new research review paper reveals how.
Marriage linked to lower risk of dementia The widowed have a 20 per cent increased risk of developing dementia compared to married individuals
“Passive lifestyle increases risk of dementia”
Volunteering after retirement can cut dementia risk: Study
Dementia: 'There is an Upside to Knowing Your Genetic Risk' People, who take DNA tests, often suffer from stress because they accidentally find out about illnesses that they are prone to. That being said, there is still an upside to knowing one’s genetic risks, John Hardy, professor of neuroscience at the University College London, told Sputnik.
Non-communicable diseases a risk factor for dementia
Alan Shearer pledges to donate his brain when he dies for research into dementia and football Alan Shearer has pledged to donate his brain when he dies to the growing ‘bank’ that is being created by former British professionals for research into dementia and playing football. The 47-year-old former England captain fronted a powerful BBC documentary into the issue on Sunday shortly after The Telegraph had also reported how families of suffering players in this country were following those in American Football by donating the brains of loved ones to research. This is because chronic traumatic encephalopathy - a devastating form of dem
Decreasing dreams may indicate higher risk for dementia in seniors Seniors who spend less time each night in the dream stage of sleep may be more likely to succumb to dementia as they age, new research suggests.
Diet Soft Drinks Triple Risk of Dementia: Study People who drink the diet drinks daily increase their risk of suffering a stroke or dementia.
Does more than one unit of alcohol a day damage your brain function and increase the risk of dementia?
Does more than one unit of alcohol a day damage your long term brain function and increase the risk of dementia?
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