Jailed Albanian gang members are posting videos online of themselves taking drugs in a British prison

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  • [14-04] Two members of a #London gang which trafficked a teenage girl to #Wales in order to use her to sell drugs have been jailed for s
  • [09-12] Muslim Gang Kidnaps British TeenTeenage girl, 19 was told she belonged to a drugs gang who lured her into a car…
  • [14-07] #Drugs gang jailed for a total of 140 years. They deserve it. Destroying our communities & youth. #Birmingham
  • [12-10] Three gang members jailed for over 60 years for kidnap, rape and stabbing in #Exeter
  • [30-03] Father died when I was 6. Sold drugs and gang bang from my teens until 21. Spent nearly 8 years in prison. Gave my life
  • [27-11] Iran 'has more evidence' that could add 16 years to jailed British mother Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s prison term –…
  • [23-09] taking a break out of my schedule of being extremely online to shoot online videos of people known for being extrem…
  • [23-08] Court bans #Birmingham gang members from meeting or appearing in music videos
  • [08-08] Great work by @metpoliceuk: Head of drugs supply network jailed #london #drugs
  • [23-08] Rival gang members banned from making YouTube rap videos in landmark court ruling - Evening Standard
  • [24-11] Former #ManCity £33m forward Robinho has been sentenced to nine years in prison for taking part in the gang rape of…
  • [03-11] Watching #terrorism videos online could get you 15 years in prison. U.K. Home Secretary #amberrudd has announced, :
  • [10-11] #BBCthebriefing age 65 I spend hours taking photos and posting, I edit three online blogs and I am addicted
  • [11-11] War on drugs-take the drugs off the street, prison time to keep us safe. Mass shootings-more guns!! #opiates #guncontrol
  • [10-01] Shouldn't this hashtag be for people posting videos of themselves asking Alexa the question instead of just posting…
  • [25-11] Chinese woman laundered £1.8 million in drugs money for Albanian organized crime group in just two weeks…
  • [08-01] Why are gang members being paid millions to play football, and flashing gang sign on National TV? #Saints22 #Ingram
  • [10-01] With whole gang celebrating one of the ‘gang’s members” birthday. #AfricanGangs
  • [05-12] “While they’re taking part in #parkrun inside prison, family members can take part outside. It provides a unifying experi
  • [17-12] ? OM NAMO VENKATESHAYA ?? Reason to STOP posting winning pics, WE REACHED TO 200 MEMBERS,AS OF MY MEMBERS REQST AM…
  • [09-10] Gang-gang They're on the frontline, I'm just online. Shouts to everyone I've met at #ona17
  • [13-10] Counterfeit prescription drugs ? They should be jailed #Manchester
  • [20-12] Taking a walk with the gang, The Charlie Brown gang......#snoopy #charliebrown #santarosa…
  • [18-11] ?Boom: MS-13 Gang Crackdown Under President Trump?•Members in 40+ states•2017: About 4,000 members arrested•201…
  • [22-12] #Leicester: Four jailed for conspiracy to supply class A drugs
  • [06-12] Good gathering on the occasion of the #Albanian Culinary Day w/ the Albanian community and friends of #Albania. Many tha
  • [12-01] Lexi Gjonaj: The saying that the enemy of the #Albanian is the fellow #Albanian is evident in both #Albania and especially
  • [20-01] Q&A: Lessons from the struggle for Albanian #Roma’s rights - In October last year, the Albanian parliament passed a…
  • [12-07] Birmingham: Wedding guest jailed after knocking man out while high on drink and drugs
  • [11-11] #IBNA Albanian top judge arrested on suspicion of taking bribes
  • [12-08] Devizes nuclear bunker cannabis gang jailed #Bristol #UK
  • [14-07] ? #Birmingham gang jailed for nearly 140 years for smuggling heroin #CapitalReports
Jailed Albanian gang members are posting videos online of themselves taking drugs in a British prison
Potential risks of posting videos online Tue, Sep 19: A woman has gotten nearly 500,000 hits for a video she took while making a citizen’s arrest. But there isn’t evidence to back up her claims. As Tom Hayes reports, she could be open to legal action.
Uncharted Waters Online GAMA server is back online 18th October, Check out UWOBook, Members are already posting guides to help new players!
Man jailed for attempting to fly drugs into prison using drone A man who brazenly attempted to fly a drone carrying drugs and mobile phones into HMP Pentonville Prison has been jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court. Charlie Adifiyi, 21 of Islington was sentenced to three years' imprisonment.
Laura Plummer jailed for three years for taking drugs into Egypt Family of 33-year-old Hull woman say she brought 290 tramadol tablets into country for husband to use for chronic back pain A shop assistant from Hull has been sentenced to three years in prison in Egypt after she was convicted of possessing controlled drugs found on her as she entered the country. Laura Plummer, 33, has already been detained for nearly three months since she was arrested on suspicion of trafficking drugs at Hurghada airport, by customs officers who found 290 tramadol tablets in her luggage.
British tourist jailed for three years in Egypt after mistakenly confessing to smuggling drugs A British woman has been sentenced to three years in prison in Egypt after mistakenly confessing to smuggling drugs. Laura Plummer, 33, from Hull, was arrested at Hurghada airport in October carrying 290 Tramadol tablets in her suitcase for her Egyptian husband whom she said suffered from back problems. The strong opioid painkiller is available on prescription in the UK but is illegal in Egypt, where it is often abused as a recreational drug. The hearing lasted half a day and the judge at Safaga Criminal Court in the Red Sea resort deliberated
7 to 10 years in prison for 7 gang members
Man ends self after posting videos
MS student held for ‘posting' obscene videos
ISIS Is Posting More Videos Despite 'Caliphate' Losses The jihadist group is cranking up its official output as its ranks and morale drop.
Youth held for posting porn videos
After Posting of Violent Videos, Facebook Will Add 3,000 Content Monitors After Posting of Violent Videos, Facebook Will Add 3,000 Content Monitors Facebook said it will hire 3,000 more staffers to review content in an attempt to curb violent or sensitive videos on its site without scaling back its live-streaming tools.
Burkha row: Three booked for posting provocative videos on WhatsApp
18 [F4M] - Trading and posting nudes/videos on snap story - @GoGabbyx3
Teen Jailed for Facebook Posting About School Shooting Teen Jailed for Facebook Posting Prosecutors in New Braunfels, Texas, are treating Justin Carter's comments on Facebook about a school shooting as a terrorist threat, although he and his parents say they were made in jest.
Taylor Swift keeps posting mysterious snake videos, and the Internet is hysterical Just after 11 a.m. ET on Monday, Swift posted a ten-second video of what appears to be a snake's tail. On Tuesday, she posted a second clip.        
Syrian man jailed for two years for posting Isis propaganda on Facebook Among the asylum seeker’s posts was an image from a video promoting suicide bombings, Manchester crown court heard A Syrian asylum seeker who posted extremist videos online in support of Islamic State has been jailed for two years. Saer Hussein Shaker came to the UK in 2014 after his father and brother-in-law were killed in his home country by a militant group opposed by Isis. Two years after he was granted discretionary leave to remain, he began posting Isis propaganda on Facebook, Manchester crown court heard. Continue reading...
Abu Dhabi: Four jailed for YouTube videos Three young men and a girl claimed they wanted to warn girls not to go out with persons they knew through social media
Woods: 'I was taking drugs on top of drugs
Man on tourist visa jailed for upskirt supermarket videos A Sydney supermarket employee is at a loss to explain why he up-skirted customers and filmed his co-workers in the toilet, telling a court he could not stop.
US Redditors who have been to prison, to what degree is the image many non-USA redditors have of US prison through TV shows/movies of inmates getting murdered, dominated by gang feuds and corrupt guards accurate?
IAS officer held for taking bribe on first posting
Jailed for selling spurious drugs
Bihar IAS officer caught taking bribe on first posting
Top Minds gush about British Colonialism...entirely unaware they're gushing about British Colonialism. No matter, it's all about taking shots at (((Zionism))) anyway.
Why are all the Blues Brothers Band members jailed?
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