Is there alien life on Kepler’s planets? NASA discovers new Kepler-90 solar system

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Is there alien life on Kepler’s planets? NASA discovers new Kepler-90 solar system
For 1st Time, NASA Finds 8 Planets Orbiting Star in Kepler-90 Solar System
Kepler mission finds 100 new alien planets
Using AI, Nasa discovers another solar system like ours; has 8 planets The eight-planet system -- the largest known outside of ours - orbits a star called Kepler 90 some 2,545 light-years away
Nasa find first alien solar system with as many planets as our own Kepler scientists team up with Google AI specialists to detect eighth planet orbiting distant star Scientists on Nasa’s Kepler mission have spotted an eighth planet around a distant star, making it the first alien solar system known to host as many planets as our own. The newfound world orbits a star named Kepler 90 which is larger and hotter than the sun and lies 2,500 light years from Earth in the constellation of Draco.
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New Earth-Like Planet Discovered by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope NASA Finds New Earth-Like Planet Astronomers using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope have found the most Earth-like planet yet orbiting a distant star like our own sun, bringing to a dozen the number of small worlds potentially suitable for life spotted in the galaxy.
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Mechanics Deriving Kepler's Law Knowing that the acceleration of any body towards the centre of a star due to the force of gravity is proprtional to $$x^{-2} $$, where x is the distance of the body form the centre of the star, i.e. $$ x''= \frac k {x^2} $$, where k is a positive constant. Knowing orbital speed is constant V at distance R from the centre of the star, how do you derive Kepler's 3rd law where $$k = {4\pi R^3\over T^2} $$
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