Grosvenor Square vs Nine Elms: The $1bn US embassy saga behind Donald Trump’s ‘bad deal’ outburst 

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Grosvenor Square vs Nine Elms: The $1bn US embassy saga behind Donald Trump’s ‘bad deal’ outburst 
Grosvenor Square vs Nine Elms: The $1bn US embassy saga behind Donald Trump’s ‘bad deal’ outburst  Donald Trump abruptly pulled the plug on his mooted visit to the UK by firing a broadside at the “bad deal” the US had got over its new $1 billion embassy. The property mogul lambasted his predecessor Barack Obama for having “sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for ‘peanuts’” - referencing the outgoing embassy in Mayfair's Grosvenor Square. The president had been scheduled to officially open the imposing new Nine Elms embassy on the south bank of the Thames as the start of a working visit to the UK later
Donald Trump cancels Britain trip over 'bad deal' embassy in London Matters got even worse when Trump re-tweeted video posts of a British ultra-rightist group targeting Muslim immigrants in November
China's Dalian Wanda sells Nine Elms Square in London to third party
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A very intriguing new subplot in the Donald Trump Jr.-Russia meeting saga NBC reports that Paul Manafort took notes on his phone during the meeting. Donald Trump Jr. had suggested the phone was distracting Manafort.
Wax Donald Trump Opens New U.S. Embassy In London Construction and office workers crowded around the tall presence hoping to get a photo with the strangely silent president.
Donald Trump "intends to move US Israeli embassy to Jerusalem
US President Donald Trump nixes UK trip to open new embassy The US president has canceled an upcoming trip to London to unveil a new embassy, saying he disagreed with its location and its cost. Trump also mistakenly blamed ex-President Barack Obama for the move.
Sorry, Donald Trump, but your tweet about the London embassy is completely inaccurate London trip . What a surprise!  SEE ALSO: Read more... More about Uk , Donald Trump , and
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US embassy will move to Jerusalem, Donald Trump tells Arab leaders Donald Trump has told Arab leaders that he plans to forge ahead with moving the US embassy to Jerusalem despite their warnings that it would derail Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and could spark violent protests.  The US president told Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, and King Abdullah of Jordan that he would fulfill his campaign promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv and break with nearly seven decades of US Middle East policy.  The embassy is unlikely to move immediately but Mr Trump’s decision to formally notify the Arab
Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move US embassy Officials confirm that US president will break with decades of diplomacy in a move many warn will trigger unrest in the region Donald Trump will declare formal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday, the White House has said, breaking with years of precedent and potentially leading to unpredictable consequences for the Middle East. The region is braced for the prospect of unrest in anticipation of the declaration, due at 1pm in Washington, and US embassies around the world have been advised by the state department to bo
Donald Trump set to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and relocate US embassy US officials have said President Donald Trump will today recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will instruct the State Department to begin the years-long process of moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city. The officials say recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital will be an acknowledgement of “historical and current reality” rather than a political statement.
In pics: Haitian-Americans protest Donald Trump's 'racism' at Times Square Protesters carried Haitian flags and signs with messages including 'peace, love, power, dream'
Billionaire buys Times Square billboards calling for Donald Trump's impeachment A Democratic mega-donor has put up huge digital billboards calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump in Times Square. Mr Steyer has said he will spend $20m on the billboards and television ads asking the public to sign a petition urging Congress to impeach the President. “We’re putting a couple of large billboards in Times Square calling for the impeachment of the president,” the billionaire told Bloomberg Politics.
Donald Trump Tells Palestinian President He Plans to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Despite Opposition Trump informed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a phone call
The embassy that Trump thinks is a 'bad deal With a price tag of $1 billion, the new US embassy in London is one of the most expensive buildings of its kind in the world. After US President Donald Trump said he was canceling his visit to London in part because of his proclaimed outrage over the cost, it is now one of the most notorious.
Trump cancels U.K. trip, blames Obama for Bush-era embassy deal Trump's decision was greeted with relief by London's Mayor Sadiq Khan who said Trump had "finally got the message" that he was not welcome in the capital.
'It's pure classic Donald Trump': Mark Cuban praises Trump's 'really smart' deal with the Democrats
Trump cancels UK trip over 'bad' embassy deal. He blames Obama but Bush started it US President Donald Trump won't be paying a visit to London to open his country's billion-dollar embassy, he tweeted Thursday.
Trump cancels Britain trip, blames Obama for 'peanuts' London embassy deal LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump canceled a trip to London scheduled for next month to open a new embassy, saying he did not want to endorse a bad deal agreed by the Obama administration to sell the old one for "peanuts".
Donald Trump is 'close' to a decision on whether to move Israel embassy to Jerusalem, says Jared Kushner  US President Donald Trump is close to a decision on whether to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, his son-in-law and Middle East peace envoy Jared Kushner said Sunday. Palestinian leaders are lobbying desperately against such a move, which the Arab League chief Ahmed Abul Gheit said would boost fanaticism and violence while sinking hopes for peace. But Kushner, the 36-year-old head of a small and tight-knit White House negotiating team, made a rare public appearance to put an optimistic face on his efforts. "The president's
Trump ‘cancels’ London visit to dedicate new U.S. Embassy, citing ‘bad deal’ to sell and relocate building
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Is there any good place to visit between Paddington Station and Grosvenor Square, for a 5-year-old boy? I am travelling to London with my nearly-5-year-old son this coming Monday. The main purpose of the visit is to get him a new passport. We'll arrive on Monday evening and stay near Paddington Station. We'll visit the embassy at Grosvenor Square area on Tuesday morning. We plan to be there by 10am. The application process itself may take 1-2 hours, and we plan to leave London at 3pm. So we do have a bit of time before we leave. Is there any good place to visit somewhere between Paddington Station and Grosvenor Square, something that is suited for a 5-year-old boy? I know Hyde Park is an option, but it is so big and I do not know anything of interest closer to the area we will be travelling. Anything slightly further would be fine, too, as long as it won't take much travel time.By current forecast it looks like it is not going to rain, but it would be nice to have other options if it rains.
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