Diagnosing patients with high blood pressure could raise their levels 

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  • [05-02] Dr Eugene please take care of that high blood pressure and take your meds. High blood pressure is very serious in t…
  • [13-12] High blood pressure is now defined by @AmericanHeartas 130 mm Hg and higher for the systolic blood pressure measu…
  • [02-10] #Tulane awarded $6.28 million to study blood pressure control in low-income patients:
  • [17-09] #TEXvsUSC Say what y'all will but we are back baby!! And whoever said their blood pressure didn't rise to unsafe levels is a LIAR! ?
  • [01-11] Spending time with your pet helps to lower blood pressure & stress levels! Yet another reason to love them!…
  • [14-07] Nothing better to raise the blood pressure than shopping in #Glasgow hate it!! ????
  • [17-09] #LDConf Blood Pressure Checks: Day 1. 102 patients, 116 screenings. Oldest: 88yrs, Youngest: 15, Ave. 56. @PHE_uk @ChemistDrug
  • [29-09] Sunderland Hospitals gearing up for influx of hi-blood pressure patients and severely calloused fingers! #sunderland2021
  • [05-02] @ejuwey True! And yea, I'm agitated as well. No reason to raise our blood pressure, though. Plenty of real life cra…
  • [02-04] My article on the new blood pressure guidelines, announced here at #AHA17 in Anaheim: New Blood Pressure Numbers: 130 I
  • [15-11] New Blood Pressure Guidelines Mean Yours Might Be Too High Now #worldmentalhealthday
  • [30-09] 1. Blood pressure disorders during pregnancy include chronic high BP, pregnancy induced high BP and preeclampsia/ec…
  • [25-11] High blood pressure starts at 130/80 say new guidelines #AHA17
  • [19-09] #UnlikelyTimeForACheeseburger when meeting with your cardiologist about your high blood pressure
  • [06-10] @schnibol @alexnunns Sound advice..plenty of other stuff going on in the world to raise blood pressure without #bbcqt..happy Friday ☺
  • [07-12] #RalphieMay Cause of Death: High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease
  • [23-11] #BreakingNews: The threshold for high blood pressure has changed. 140/90 out. 130/80 in.#AHA17
  • [06-10] Seems healthier than medicated high blood pressure. #boxing #WilderStiverne2
  • [30-09] #Hypertension affects 1.13B ppl. Thankfully, high blood pressure #clinicaltrials are up 11% #WorldHeartDay
  • [06-12] Now what? New #AHA17 guidelines reclassifies nearly half of adults as having high blood pressure
  • [02-02] #WhatILearnedTodayDoes Doc take high blood pressure meds? Lisinapril (spelling is probably off) is know to cause a dry cough.
  • [01-11] ??? I always wonder if old heads from the east coast suffer from high blood pressure . They always going off #paulmanafort #
  • [03-10] I wonder how much extra high blood pressure medication is needed due to #Tories? #SaveOurNhS
  • [15-10] Let's see what Simon's approach to the #SixChairChallenge will be. Red as always, high blood pressure already measured...#SimonCowell
  • [18-12] Not even my team out there on that field and my blood pressure is high as hell. #RaiderHater #ChiefsKingdom
  • [27-12] Your blood pressure is too high. You must stop stealing for a few weeks. @StateShebeen#ANC54 #CR17
  • [16-10] my blood pressure so high right now #RocketMan made me the head of the #NorthKorea #missile program
  • [19-11] ICYMI: News from #AHA17: Bar lowered for high blood pressure; 46% of U.S. adults now have #hypertension
  • [18-11] 2017 Guideline for the Management of High Blood Pressure in Adults via #AHA17 y @HyperAHA
  • [28-09] @Channel4News when looking for participants for #brexitreality did you approach the same high blood pressure clinic as @bbcques
  • [05-12] Dear #US Friends, Twitter now just enrages me & makes my blood pressure go sky high. @realDonaldTrump & the #GOP ar…
  • [22-12] Supporting #Liverpool must come with a health hazard warning. High blood pressure right now, making my prostate can…
  • [14-04] Do you have high blood pressure? Your answer might change today, based on new #HBP guidelines released during @American_H
  • [13-10] A health officer screening individuals for high blood pressure in one of #HHA's outreach sites. #WorldHeartDay…
Diagnosing patients with high blood pressure could raise their levels 
My fiancé returned my blood pressure machine yesterday. I’ve been obsessing over my heart rate and blood pressure levels ever since I got home from the hospital. I don’t know what to do. I can’t sleep or stop crying.
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Common painkillers may boost blood pressure in arthritis patients Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen may raise blood pressure in patients with arthritis, a new study suggests.
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New Blood Pressure Guidelines Mean Yours Might Be Too High Now New hypertension guidelines mean high blood pressure starts at a reading of 130/80, lower than previous guidelines.
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More Americans now have high blood pressure Tens of millions more Americans now have high blood pressure. Almost half of all Americans -- 46% -- are now considered to be in the high blood pressure category based on new guidelines released Monday.
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Controlling High Blood Pressure, Through the Kidney Controlling Hypertension, Via the Kidney Medical-device makers are rallying to a new experimental treatment for stubborn hypertension: Singeing the walls of nerve-lined arteries leading to the kidneys, blocking the organs' ability to raise blood pressure.
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Should we exercise when our blood pressure is high? I normally can control my blood pressure (120/80) by managing to have healthy life style, following my nutritionist's diet guide, enough rest/sleep, no stress and regular exercise. But this morning (...
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