Terrible mistakes'Amber Rudd apologises for 'appalling' Windrush cases where people may have been deported in error

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  • [17-04] Rudd saying Family member etc should get in contact if someone from the #Windrush generation has been illegibly deported
  • [20-04] "Calls to a helpline"? Does the government not even know who it has "accidentally" deported? #bbcaq #windrush
  • [17-04] This is very worrying...#Bucks resident who is son of #Windrush immigrant could be deported tomorrow, #Labour MP…
  • [20-04] .@JeremyCorbyn has just raised the appalling treatment of the Windrush Generation at #PMQs.Here's why ⬇
  • [20-04] Satbir Singh on Windrush: 'May left toxic legacy for Rudd at Home Office'
  • [16-04] The way the #Windrush generation is being treated by this heartless Tory government is appalling. Shame on Mrs May, Mrs
  • [20-04] Amber Rudd is what all we fear AI will become... a cruel, cold, heartless human-extinction machine... #windrush…
  • [19-04] Amber Rudd under pressure to resign as mother of Windrush citizen blames passport battle for son's death.All the…
  • [19-01] "Cometer un terrible error no te convierte en una terrible persona". #GreysAnatomy
  • [16-04] "Deported in Error"."Sent Home" to somewhere that never has been home.The National Front manifesto from the 1970s.
  • [18-04] This is beyond appalling. It is not a resigning offence it is a criminal offence. Amber Rudd's name is now a byword for cru
  • [14-04] Two more people die of #ListeriosisWhile cases continue to decline, it is expected that some new outbreak-related cases c
  • [31-01] And while we’re talking Paul Rudd, what did everyone make of the Mute trailer? Not a fan of the terrible Eastern Eu…
  • [14-01] Mentality is absolutely terrible. No fight. Maybe it’s time for Wenger to go after all. Just appalling how we’re ge…
  • [01-10] I think the appalling Pick A Part That's New followed shortly after and they just continued to be that terrible ever after #Radio1Vintage
  • [20-12] Met To Review Rape Cases After New Trail Error. Police in spotlight as second hearing collapses over disclosure of…
  • [17-04] David Lammy powerful 'windrush generation' speech in House of Commons #videoblogg #windrush #windrushgeneration…
  • [08-01] #Listeriosis Cases Nationwide:1)Gauteng: 442 Cases (61%)2)Western Cape: 92 Cases (13%)3) KZN : 51 Cases (7%)
  • [17-09] El terrible error de #keylorNavas frente a la #realSociedad
  • [02-10] @BBCBreaking @BBCNews Terrible time for the industry . First, collapse of #AirBerlin, now #Monarch & the appalling…
  • [16-04] UK Windrush folk, homeless people, disabled & sick people, #1950women & others have ALL been bullied, made to feel like ali
  • [02-10] Bonnie is a terrible lawyer , now working for the DA ??? error #HTGAWM
  • [13-04] #Niger, Agadez, talking to Sudanese people fleeing Libya & people deported from Algeria which includes asylum seekers registe
  • [13-04] This is #UttarPradesh govt. for u, withdraws #rape cases, #riot cases and self involved cases only if u are part of…
  • [18-11] Duncan with a terrible goalkeeping error gifts the opposition a goal... Redmayne: "Hold my beer" #SYDvNEW
  • [05-04] Vaya jugada que acaban de dar, primero el error terrible del defensa que abanica y no puede despejar para dejar a…
  • [26-09] Practical immortality is obviously a terrible idea. Because people are terrible. #startrek
  • [20-04] T May, " Windrush has only affected 86 people", what a fucking joke this woman is, get her out and the rest of her…
  • [16-10] 263 people killed by a terrorist bomb in #Somalia. Truly appalling. My thoughts are with the people of Mogadishu...
  • [14-11] I write for the people, and so I must give the people what they want. And after last night's appalling #StarTrekDiscovery final
  • [27-09] #RexRyan What a Sad America we're in when people find it appalling the president & the American people defend the flag. You
  • [20-04] The #Windrush scandal shows that #Britain has never fully accepted black people
  • [19-01] This #VeteransDay, remember our deported veterans. Here, a group of deported veterans commemorate Memorial Day 2017 in Ciudad J
Terrible mistakes'Amber Rudd apologises for 'appalling' Windrush cases where people may have been deported in error
'Shining a light on this terrible scourge': Amber Rudd joins other key figures praising our expose on slavery Home Secretary Amber Rudd today hailed the Evening Standard’s special investigation into slavery in London. She said: “Modern slavery is a barbaric crime that destroys lives, which is why this Government has taken world-leading action to tackle it – toughening up sentences, increasing support for victims and encouraging more to come forward. “I have made £8.5m of additional funding available to transform the policing response to modern slavery, and commissioned Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Serv
UK To Imprison People for Viewing "Far Right Propaganda" Under the Guise of "Fighting Terrorism" Based on Amber Rudd's Own Statement
Sale of acids to under-18s to be banned, Amber Rudd says Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced the crackdown after a rise in attacks using corrosive substances.
Amber Rudd backs Boris Johnson to take over as PM Allies of the Home Secretary say that if Theresa May resigns before Brexit, she would try to team up with her former foe rather than run in her own right.
Amber Rudd: Who Is Britain's New Home Secretary? Rudd’s time in the department of energy and climate change was often stormy due to potential conflicts of interest.
Amber Rudd enlists help of Sir Lynton Crosby The Home Secretary is said to have turned to Sir Lynton Crosby to help shore up her seat after her majority took a battering, falling from nearly 5,000 to just 346 votes.
Amber Rudd says web 'bot' will hunt down child pornography The Home Secretary said the government would act to stopped corrosive materials being sold to under-18s.
Does Amber Rudd tell Boris Johnson to stand up for the PM? – video Amber Rudd, the home secretary, appears to tell Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, to stand up and applaud Theresa May as she speaks on Wednesday. Rudd gestures with her hand to Johnson who then joins her 
Send for Lynton! Is calling in Crosby proof that Amber Rudd wants to be PM? Continue reading...
Amber Rudd says Boris Johnson is 'backseat driving' over Brexit Home secretary questions timing of foreign secretary’s article that revived idea of £350m a week becoming available for NHS Amber Rudd has accused Boris Johnson of backseat driving as she questioned the timing of his 4,000-word vision of Britain’s departure from the EU and made clear that she did not want the foreign secretary managing the Brexit process. The home secretary said she had “unfortunately not” had time to read her cabinet colleague’s entire article, published in the Daily Telegraph a day after a terrorist attack on the L
Amber Rudd accuses tech giants of 'sneering' at politicians
BBC News: Amber Rudd accuses tech giants of 'sneering' at politicians
Who is Amber Rudd? Conservative Home Secretary tipped by some to become next Prime Minister – all you need to know HOME secretary Amber Rudd is being tipped by some as a future Prime Minister after enjoying a rapid rise through the ranks of the Conservative party. The Hastings and Rye MP made a fleeting appearance in Four Weddings and a Funeral before being elected to parliament in 2010 – here’s all you need to know. […]
Amber Rudd vows sentences for viewing ISIS content online Viewing terrorist propaganda such as beheading videos and bomb-making guides online could be punished by 15 years in jail, the Home Secretary will announce today.
Amber Rudd hires top pollster Sir Lyton Crosby’s firm to help her next election campaign HOME SECRETARY Amber Rudd has hired top pollster Sir Lynton Crosby’s firm to help her next election campaign. In a move that will spark fresh talk of a leadership bid from the ex-Remain campaigner, Ms Rudd has brought in CTF to shore up the defence of her Hastings constituency. The Tory rising star’s majority was […]
Amber Rudd: viewers of online terrorist material face 15 years in jail Tightening of law around viewing terrorist material is response to increasing frequency of UK attacks People who repeatedly view terrorist content online could face up to 15 years behind bars in a move designed to tighten the laws tackling radicalisation the home secretary, Amber Rudd, is to announce on Tuesday. A new maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment will also apply to terrorists who publish information about members of the armed forces, police and intelligence services for the purposes of preparing acts of terrorism.
Judge condemns Amber Rudd for ignoring orders to release torture victim Home secretary has failed to adequately explain delays in freeing asylum seeker from detention, says high court judge A high court judge has said she is “deeply concerned” about the behaviour of Amber Rudd for failing to release a survivor of torture from detention despite repeated court orders requiring her to do so. On Wednesday Mrs Justice Nicola Davies DBE presided over an emergency high court hearing to examine the home secretary’s delay in releasing an asylum seeker who had been tortured in a Libyan prison with electric shocks and f
Amber Rudd: Silicon Valley has to do more to help the authorities access messages on end-to-end encrypted services
Amber Rudd hires Lynton Crosby's firm to help defend marginal seat
Amber Rudd announces crackdown on acid attacks, child abuse and ‘zombie’ knives Tough new laws to crack down on acid attacks, child abuse images and online sales of killer knives were unveiled by Amber Rudd today. The Home Secretary responded to a spate of attacks by promising to make it illegal to carry acid in a public place without a good reason. Stricter controls on sales will include two-year jail terms for people who illegally buy or sell powerful sulphuric acid, which has been used in the most horrific attacks.
[Op-Ed] - An open letter to the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, on the appointment of Sara Khan | The Independent
Amber Rudd to make watching streamed terror content on the web will become a criminal offence under new crackdown WATCHING streamed terror content on the web will become a criminal offence under a new crackdown unveiled today. In the latest crackdown against IS, Home Secretary Amber Rudd will close a loophole that allows people to freely watch vile propaganda. Current laws only forbid downloading the material. But senior officials believe they can now identify […]
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