Barbara Bush is in failing health as former First Lady and wife of George H.W. Bush decides to reject any more medical treatment

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  • [16-08] Statement from George W. Bush & George H.W. Bush in response to #Charlottesville: We must reject hatred in all forms #ImpeachT
  • [17-04] Former President George HW Bush and Barbara Bush are here for the ceremonial first pitch before #ALDS Game 3.
  • [19-04] Our prayers go out to the loved ones of Barbara Bush. She accompanied husband George HW Bush to #China in the mid 1970s
  • [16-04] Barbara Bush is now Struggling with Frail Health, Declines Additional Medical Care#Pray for her. #Prayers to #BarbaraB
  • [30-09] Don't need #280characters to say Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush & Jimmy Carter all helped #Pu
  • [08-01] My husband voted for George HW Bush (once) and George W Bush (twice) and just said, “I’d vote for #Oprah for President.”
  • [16-08] Joint statement from former presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush on #Charlottesville.
  • [24-12] A 750 year old sequoia gifted to the city of #bonn by Barbara bush(w/o Jeorge bush) in may of 1989.........…
  • [21-01] George W. Bush must love @realDonaldTrump.In one year, #Trump's actions allowed Bush to go from "The worst Presid…
  • [17-08] #GeorgeWBush & George H. Walker Bush just spoke out on #Charlottesville. I dig what they're saying but it's too much Bush for me.
  • [07-10] George H.W. Bush Shares #PuberMe Shots of Himself and Barbara on One Condition: ‘No Laughing!’…
  • [07-10] George and Barbara Bush just won Stephen Colbert’s #PuberMe challenge for #PuertoRicoRelief
  • [16-04] My prayers go out to Barbara Bush today. She is a great example of a First Lady and we owe her praise. She has work…
  • [18-04] We are saddened by the passing of Barbara Bush. She was a wonderful First Lady & tireless #education advocate who dedicated h
  • [30-10] George Bush when this game started vs George Bush when the game ended#WorldSeries
  • [04-04] Is ED Mnangagwa the George Bush of Zimbabwe's presidential election?Similarities #Mnangagwa & #Bush=>Poor oratory sk
  • [19-04] A university professor in California has sparked a social media uproar after calling former first lady Barbara Bush an “am
  • [18-04] Former US First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92 -She played her part in life well. Adios amigosMay the good lord Grant
  • [20-04] In a special edition of our Civility series, Marc Johnson shares how former first lady Barbara Bush's love for Idaho potato
  • [20-04] In a special edition of our Civility series, Marc Johnson shares how former first lady Barbara Bush's love for #Idaho potat
  • [14-11] ICYMI: Former @LillyPad exec and health official under the George W. Bush Administration, #AlexAzar, nominated by P…
  • [30-01] .@SecAzar, former Deputy Secretary for Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush, was sworn in yeste…
  • [29-01] @RWPUSA Let me get this straight....the ethics guru for Bush is screaming about "Trump is not a king" when Bush swe…
  • [13-01] @thehill "You need to study I would, if things were done under, Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, or Bush Sr." #POTUS…
  • [24-08] @realDonaldTrump is the greatest thing to ever happen to Bush Jr.'s legacy! #Trump makes Bush Jr. look like a Rhode
  • [22-11] My disability advocate stands by me in the bush #standbyme - don’t ditch advocacy in the bush @NSWNationals #advocacymatte
Barbara Bush is in failing health as former First Lady and wife of George H.W. Bush decides to reject any more medical treatment
Will Ferrell revives excellent George W. Bush impression on 'SNL' to remind us that George W. Bush was...not good The best thing about former Saturday Night Live players returning to their old stomping grounds to host is we can bet dollars to donuts they'll revive classic characters we know and love. Former president George W. Bush we know. Love? Well, Will Ferrell has some thoughts on that. "According to a new poll my approval rating is at an all time high," Ferrell as Bush says in the cold open. "Donny Q. Trump came in and suddenly I'm looking pretty sweet by comparison." "A lot of people are saying, 'Man, I wish George W. Bush was still our presid
George H.W. and Barbara Bush salute Houston's Harvey responders “Barbara and I are in Maine, but our hearts are in Houston,” the couple said in a statement.
Barbara Bush on the Impact of Ebola on Women’s Health Barbara Bush and Melinda Gates described the impact of the Ebola outbreak on women’s health.
George W. Bush Donors Embrace Jeb Bush Candidacy Brother’s Donors Embrace Jeb Bush’s Candidacy Republican Jeb Bush rounded up donations in the first 15 days of his presidential campaign from at least 136 top-tier donors to his brother, former President George W. Bush.
After Bush, The Blues: George W. Bush’s Legacy for the GOP
Barbara Bush: Go See 'Precious' Recently George and I hosted a special sneak preview of Precious in our hometown, Houston. The audience of 200 included young people and old, teachers and corporate executives, parents and grandparents, and folks of just about every ethnic and economic background. I planned to say a few words when the movie was over—but I was speechless. (My husband would tell you that is highly unusual.) ...
George W. Bush: All About Mea W. doesn’t sweat much, except history.
If eve is in a wards bush and enemies stand within the radius can they see you in the bush or will it be like live eve?
The bush consumable makes clear the need for nerfing standard bush use
George H.W. Bush's Advice to His Son on 9/11 The day after the Al Qaeda attacks on the United States, President George H.W.Bush, a former head of the CIA, wrote to his friend the journalist Hugh Sidey telling the advice he had given to his son
George W. Bush in Mumbai
The Ghost of George W. Bush Why Dubya will decide the winner this fall.
We Blame George W. Bush Best of the Web Today: We Blame George W. Bush ObamaCare survives, but the Commerce Clause has limits.
George W. Bush on Trump and Russia
Will Ferrell's George W. Bush on SNL: I'm Popular AF But he reminded viewers that they didn't always love the Republican.
George H.W. Bush Moved to ICU with Pneumonia Bush, who at 92 is the nation's oldest living ex-president, has been at Houston Methodist Hospital since Saturday after experiencing shortness of breath.
Why Dems and GOP Are Nostalgic for George W. Bush As far-right rookies like Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and Ken Buck begin to arrive on Capitol Hill, as they’re expected to, both mainstream Republicans and Democrats will realize that, whatever their disagreements with him—real or fabricated—Dubya and his ilk would be far more constructive partners in governing than the new kids on the block.
43. George W Bush ( 2001-2009)
George Bush campaigns for brother Jeb
Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized Family spokesman Jim McGrath said the 92-year-old former president was hospitalized "for observation due to a persistent cough that prevented him from getting proper rest."
George W. Bush: Portraits of a Presidency George W. Bush: Portraits of a Presidency Former President George W. Bush on Friday unveiled more than two dozen portraits he painted of world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
Netanyahu Is Governing Like George W. Bush Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has answered one crisis after another with Israel’s military—world opinion be damned. As Israel’s isolation deepens by the day, he’s governing like Bush 2.0.
MMW: George H W Bush will pass away October 9th
The Governator Meets George H.W. Bush He had lunch with former President George H.W. Bush and his wife after giving the commencement speech at the University of Houston.
Is it customary to call the former President George W. Bush “W.”, and Mrs. Bush “Bar”, in public? Maureen Dowd deals with the comments of the former first lady, Barbara Bush in NBC’s the Today Show in her article titled ‘Silver Fox’s pink slip’ in New York Times (April 27): “Asked on the “Today”...
What part of a blackberry bush do I plant to make a new bush I have a breed of blackberry bush in my backyard that is unlike any other blackberries I've had in the past and I'd very much like to plant more just like it. What part of the plant do I need to plant ...
What does “triple down” in “Trump triples down on George W. Bush’s responsibility for 9/11”mean? A Washington Post (October 18) article begins with the following passage under the headline, “Trump triples down on George W. Bush’s responsibility for 9/11.” Donald Trump says he doesn’t flat out ...
Did George Bush take over a year of leave as President? [duplicate] This image from Facebook claims that "George Bush had America on autopilot for more than a year", followed by a number of presidential vacation days for various American presidents, with the Democrat ...
Did President George H.W. Bush account for his whereabouts during the JFK assassination? Listening to No Agenda Podcast, Show 977, about 40 minutes in, the hosts claim that the 25 years necessary to wait for the JFK files to be release were due to the expectation that President George H.W....
How fully-informed was President George W Bush about CIA interrogation techniques? [closed] BBC, in a piece detailing an interview with former Vice President Dick Cheny on Fox News, quotes the former statesman as saying that Bush was "Fully-Informed" on the techniques: Former US President ...
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George W. Bush says Russia meddled in 2016 US election - George W. Bush says Russia meddled in 2016 US election.
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