100s of passengers stranded when airline ends Mexico...

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  • [02-10] Monarch airline collapse leaves over 100,000 passengers stranded in airports | finder UK
  • [03-10] #Monarch Andrew Swaffield, boss of the airline, is 'devastated' by closure. not as much as stranded passengers & people
  • [10-01] Airline passengers stranded in Boston say they were threatened with arrest if they didn’t delete videos from phones…
  • [02-10] Budget airline #Monarch goes bust. Passengers stranded. Employees unemployed. Hurrah for #Brexit! #BrexitReality
  • [16-10] Thousands of UK Monarch passengers still stranded abroad as free rescue programme ends. ??#Monarch
  • [02-10] So in '17 a dreadful airline that cancels 100s of flights thrives,but an airline that always gave grt service folds.sad times. RIP #Monarch
  • [03-10] @djuk23 Very courteous airline.I mean which airline gets their pilot to meet and greet all their passengers on boar…
  • [02-10] 110,000 Britons stranded abroad as #UK’s Monarch Airline collapses
  • [02-10] U.K. scrambles to help stranded travelers after 'biggest ever' airline failure
  • [02-10] Dear stranded #Monarch passengers. Could be worse. At least you're not flying #Ryanair
  • [18-12] RT @jleslie11alive Look who we found among the stranded passengers @ATLairport! #MorningRushATL #11Alive
  • [29-09] .@Flybe to the rescue of stranded #Ryanair passengers between London and Scotland
  • [19-04] I am excited to announce that @Ryanair is now the recommended airline of #BritainFirst!100s of domestic BRITISH flight
  • [02-10] Monarch Airlines ceases trading leaving 110,000 passengers stranded (via @thejournal_ie)
  • [02-10] Passengers stranded as #Monarch Airlines goes BUST...another #BritishBusiness gone! Mismanagement or bad luck?
  • [03-10] #Monarch left 'devastated' + passengers are stranded but other airlines are benefiting from their failure…
  • [01-10] #monarch collapse ‘could leave 100,000 passengers stranded’ ? but think of all those unemployed pilots #Ryanair !?
  • [02-10] #Europe: UK struggles to deal with stranded passengers after Monarch Airlines collapses
  • [11-12] #BritishAirways: 50,000 passengers ‘left stranded’ after sleet and ice grounds flights at Heathrow
  • [06-10] Please share #United left us stranded, forced us to pay extra &told us to fly another airline!
  • [18-01] Stranded Russian jets in Mexican hangars haunt troubled airline
  • [03-10] The fallout from #Monarch #Airlines - cost 60mil to bring stranded passengers home…
  • [03-10] UK Civil Aviation Authority flies back first 12,000 passengers stranded by #Monarch collapse
  • [18-12] #UPDATE the power is back on at the nations busiest airport- after 30,000 passengers were left stranded
  • [20-09] Stranded Ryanair passengers in tears as firm's phone lines jam and website crashes amid ...
  • [19-09] Stranded #RyanAir passengers pray that smug bungler #MichaelO'Leary finally gets his comeuppance
  • [29-11] UPDATE: Malaysia Airlines will be providing alternative travel arrangement for its passengers stranded in #Bali due…
  • [29-11] #MalaysiaAirlines will be mounting rescue flights from #Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur for stranded passengers in #Bali a…
  • [23-12] #Somerset father brands airline "pathetic" after his four young sons are stranded at #BristolAirport #Christmas :
  • [17-04] Interesting ??? for @SunCountryAir. Passenger I spoke to today stranded in Mazatlan told me she called airline on F…
  • [30-11] Worst airline & customer service ever, #britishairways left us stranded at FRA by making us miss 3 flights, we’ve been
  • [30-11] Worst airline & customer service ever, #britishairways left us stranded at FRA by making us miss 3 flights, we’ve b…
  • [27-12] #BREAKING: A power outage is affecting parts of Disneyland on Wednesday, leaving some passengers stranded on rides.
100s of passengers stranded when airline ends Mexico...
Long Wait Likely for Airline Passengers Stranded By Typhoon Usagi Typhoon Strands Airline Passengers Even as flights gradually resume at Hong Kong's busy airport, airlines could still take days or even a week to clear the backlog of thousands of stranded passengers.
Over 100,000 stranded after Monarch airline shuts down -- The UK is struggling to repatriate some 110,000 people after the country's Monarch airline stopped operating its flights
UK to help stranded travelers after airline fails British airline Monarch has been placed into administration, leaving thousands of customers in the lurch.
Over 100,000 stranded after Monarch airline shuts down The UK is struggling to repatriate some 110,000 people after the country's Monarch airline stopped operating its flights. The government asked the aviation authority to provide planes to transport British citizens home.
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Ryanair passengers vow never to use the airline Two weeks after scrapping 2,000 autumn flights, the budget airline said a further 18,000 will be grounded this winter and thirty-four routes suspended.
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New 24/7 intel unit on airline passengers A new round-the-clock intelligence unit to bolster Ireland’s border security will be a multi-agency body, including specialist gardaí. The Passenger Information Unit (PIU), due to be up and running by next May, will have its own premises and staffing complement, financed by an initial €4m budget. It is being set up to implement an EU directive to create a union-wide system for collecting, analysing and sharing airline passenger information with a view to identifying “unknown” persons who may be involved in terror
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Should passengers tell the airline they have mild diarrhoea? Wikivoyage's guide to diarrhoea suggests, for mild cases, segregating yourself from others, and changing what you eat or drink.If a passenger has mild diarrhoea, is it worthwhile informing the airline when checking in? For example, do airlines have the ability to serve drinks more suited to people suffering diarrhoea if told in advance, or to segregate the passenger? Assume that it involves travelling in first world countries, such as KIX to Incheon on T'Way.
Can passengers on an airline use Travel John? For those scenarios, where plane is going through turbulence, or during take off or landing, or any other impractical scenario, can passengers carry and use Travel Johns (albeit discreetly). Pilot's are allowed, so I'm thinking why not for passengers.Edit: Link for Travel John
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