Trump will punish Putin for supporting Assad with new sanctions against Russia… amid claims new aides are behind US president’s tough new stance

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  • [01-10] U.S. @SenJohnMcCain calls on Donald J. #Trump to ENFORCE NEW Round of #Russia Sanctions, BUT Trump is Loyal to Putin :
  • [09-10] What's backfired for Putin? Trump has given him everything he wanted including not enforcing Russia sanctions. #morningjoe
  • [06-10] Donald J. #Trump takes NO action on U.S. Sanctions AGAINST #Russian President Putin and the #Russia Government.…
  • [17-04] Presidents Putin and Assad have prevented the US, UK and France from making #Syria just as chaotic as in Iraq, Liby…
  • [05-10] Trump didnt impose Russia sanctions Oct 1 Didnt say word as Putin helps N Korea Calls Puerto Ricans lazy & #TakeAKnee SOBs #priorities
  • [15-04] "Trump is a Putin Russia puppet! He's owned by Putin!""Trump is going to get us into WW3 with Russia! He's provoking P
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  • [12-04] 🆘‼😯🔥 #Russia: Vladimir #Putin on the events in #Syria: "When Assad chemical weapons is a crock of shit."
  • [30-01] #DonaldTrump isn't about to impose sanctions on Russia for ANYTHING! He's scared shitless Putin will release the Ru…
  • [25-09] US or in this case, #Trump seeks to "punish" #China with Sanctions for not stopping #NorthKorea.
  • [05-04] Photo of the Day: Presidents Rouhani of Iran, Erdogan of Turkey and Putin of Russia pose before their meeting in Ankara, Tur
  • [16-08] Two Bush presidents condemn 'racial bigotry' amid Trump backlash #Trump #UKIP #Brexit
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  • [01-11] President #Putin to discuss US administration's attempts to increase sanctions pressure both on #Russia and #Iran duri
  • [11-04] US President @realDonaldTrump warns #Russia today about supporting Bashar al-Assad in #Syria; says US missiles will be c
  • [11-11] @Reuters #PaulManafort has no link to Russia per #Putin. Putin told trump he didn’t “meddle” with election too.…
  • [01-11] Pres. Putin in meeting with SL #Khamenei says #Iran's agricultural exports to #Russia grew 7 fold following Western sanctions on Moscow.
  • [23-12] Breaking News: China and Russia joined the U.S. in imposing tough new sanctions on North Korea at the UN, the lates…
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  • [04-11] Canada: under sanctions by 1 country (Russia) Russia: under sanctions by ~40 countries#SoftPower
  • [10-04] @washingtonpost - Trump officials tell Russia to drop its support for Syria’s Assad#Russia #Syria #BasharalAssad…
  • [30-10] Trump-Russia inquiry heats up 3 key aides indicted
  • [22-11] @marcorubio And you stand by a president who is blatantly colluding with Putin, and thereby Assad. Trump has blood…
  • [24-08] ??TRUMP-RUSSIA?? #Trump called GOP senators to try & stop ☝?#Russian??sanctions ✌?Bill to protect Mueller's job?
  • [11-04] @realDonaldTrump you're an #assclown Russia and Putin interfered in our election, are supporting an evil dictator e…
  • [09-04] And why has #Putin felt free to support #Assad?Sen. #SusanCollins, R-Maine, urged Trump to “ramp up the pressure…
  • [02-11] Former Trump Aides Charged as Prosecutors Reveal New Campaign Ties With #Russia #PaulManafort
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  • [08-04] The "hell" on Earth created by #Putin and #Assad, silently approved by #Trump and the West! The worst crime in huma…
  • [02-12] On Dec 30 after #Putin announced that he wd not retaliate then for sanctions, #Trump wrote on Twitter: "Great move…
  • [19-09] Trump's #UNGA playlist: Jong-Un: #RocketMan Assad: Mr. Boombastic Putin: Poison & Kryptonite Hussein: Maneater Gadd
Trump will punish Putin for supporting Assad with new sanctions against Russia… amid claims new aides are behind US president’s tough new stance
Putin’s Adviser Claims Trump Will Drop Russia Sanctions Sergei Glazyev, who is under sanctions, says a “reset” of relations is on the cards.
Syria's President Assad visits Russia to meet President Vladimir Putin
Putin Will Call Trump After Syria's Assad Visits Russia The conversation follows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's visit to Sochi.
Putin to speak with Trump after meeting with Syrian President Assad Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to call US President Donald Trump on Tuesday following a rare meeting with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to discuss the future of Syria, a statement from the Kremlin said.
President Putin Claims 'Russia’s Borders End Nowhere' The president told two geography-studying schoolboys that ‘Russia’s borders end nowhwere.’
Trump Russia: US 'in peril over president's stance The US president's comments on alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election draw criticism.
Russia opposes sanctions against North Korea, Putin tells South Korean president Vladimir Putin says Moscow strongly condemns Pyongyang’s provocative actions
Trump Nominee Rex Tillerson Suggests Tough Line on Russia, But Won’t Commit on Sanctions Tillerson Suggests Tough Line on Russia, But Won’t Commit on Sanctions President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, said the U.S. needs to aggressively confront Russian President Vladimir Putin while also negotiating with his government, but refused to commit to maintaining or significantly ratcheting up sanctions on the country.
Trump aides believe president suffers from 'Defiance Disorder' of doing whatever they tell him not to do, claims new book White House aides reportedly say President Donald Trump’s surprise actions and tendency to disregard the advice of his advisers is a symptom of “Defiance Disorder”. The term refers to how Mr Trump has a habit of doing whatever his advisers urge him not to do – and then leaves them to clean up the mess, according to excerpts from a new book by longtime Washington reporter Howard Kurtz. As examples, Mr Kurtz points to Mr Trump’s decision to announce on Twitter that his administration would bar transgender troops from serving in the mili
Some cracks appear in aides' support for Trump's Charlottesville stance
Related: Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault
Syria's Assad travels to Russia, meets with Putin MOSCOW (AP) — Syrian President Bashar Assad was asked to come to Russia to get him to agree to potential peace initiatives drafted by Russia, Iran and Turkey as Russia prepares to scale down its military presence in the country's 6-year war, the Kremlin said on Tuesday.
US 'Putin list' of aides and oligarchs is a hostile step, Russian president says Measure, in response to alleged Russian meddling, was only reluctantly approved by Trump The Trump administration’s long-awaited “name and shame” list of politicians and oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin’s inner circle is “hostile step” that harms relations between the two countries, the Russian president has said. The so-called Putin list, which contain 114 politicians and 96 oligarchs, was released late on Monday and includes Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, as well as presidential aides, ministers, leaders of state companies
Bannon before House Intelligence Committee over Trump-Russia links amid escalating war with President Steve Bannon is in Washington DC to testify before members of Congress investigating alleged links between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Kremlin. The House Intelligence Committee is grilling the former White House chief strategist behind closed doors on Tuesday following his spectacular fall from power, during which he accused the President’s son and others of “treasonous” behaviour for taking a meeting with Russians during the 2016 campaign. The testimony comes just one week after a very public excommunication from Mr Tr
Russia’s military operation in Syria nears end, say Assad and Putin Syrian president thanks Russia for ‘saving our country’ as he holds talks in Sochi
Russia's Putin hosts Syria's Assad for talks: Kremlin By Katya Golubkova and Dmitry Solovyov MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to talk about the need to move from military operations to the search for a political solution to Syria's conflict, the Kremlin said on Tuesday. Russia is actively trying to build an international consensus around a peace deal for Syria, over two years after Moscow began a military intervention that turned the tide of the conflict in Assad's favor.
A Putin-Assad embrace launches Russia’s new peace bid for Syria
Putin Asked Assad to Step Down as Syrian President The message from Putin was relayed by the head of Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency.
Putin Says Russia Will End its Military Operation in Syria After Surprise Talks With Assad Russia is about to end its military operation in Syria that tipped the scales in the devastating war in favor of government forces, President Vladimir Putin said at surprise talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad.
On surprise Russia trip, Assad and Putin talk post-war Syria MOSCOW (AP) — On a surprise trip to Russia, Syria's Bashar Assad discussed potential new peace initiatives for post-war Syria with Russian President Vladimir Putin who declared that Russia's two-year military campaign in Syria is wrapping up, the Kremlin said Tuesday.
Russia to Continue Military Support to Assad Government, Says Vladimir Putin Russia to Continue Military Support to Syria Vladimir Putin said Russia would continue to deliver military assistance to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad amid concerns over Moscow’s military buildup in the Middle Eastern country.
Russia claims the U.S. is supporting "terrorism" instead of fighting ISIS in Syria, and they’re probably right.
Syria military operation 'wrapping up', Putin tells Assad in Russia talks Russian president meets Syrian counterpart publicly for first time in two years and praises their ‘joint work in fighting terrorism’ Vladimir Putin has hosted Bashar al-Assad for talks during which the two presidents agreed the focus in the Syrian conflict was switching from military operations to the search for a political solution. Related: Continue reading...
Russia's Putin hosts Assad in fresh drive for Syria peace deal MOSCOW/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for three hours of talks to lay the groundwork for a new push by Moscow to end Syria's conflict now that Islamic State's territory is overrun.
Reason behind why Trump may want to lift the Russia sanctions
What is the Trump administration's legal basis for not imposing sanctions on Russia?
If Russia is funding right-wing politicians within the EU, why doesn't the EU return the favor and start funding Putin's opponents in Russia? There are numerous reports about how Russia is financing right-wing politicians within the EU in order to unbalance the Union. But why doesn't the EU return the favor and start funding people like Alexei Navalny or Mikhail Khodorkovsky? Russia already claims that "the West" is funding it's opposition, so it wouldn't give any more ammunition to Russian propaganda.
Why the term “President of the United States” has a “The” before “U.S”, but “President of Russia” don't have one?
Why does “President of the United States” have a “the” before “U.S”, but “President of Russia” doesn't?
Did Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan ask “Trump towers in Turkey to remove Trump name in Istanbul urgently”? The details section of this November 9, 2016 YouTube video says: Turkish President Erdogan asking Trump towers in Turkey to remove Trump name in Istanbul urgently Is it true?
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