Vile girlfriend, 22, who starved her boyfriend before stabbing him jailed for seven years

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  • [26-09] Homeless man jailed for shouting at police. Posh woman not for stabbing boyfriend #LaviniaWoodward #EqualityforAll :
  • [12-10] Three gang members jailed for over 60 years for kidnap, rape and stabbing in #Exeter
  • [06-08] Vile predator who attacked five women across #London in two days is jailed for eight years - The Sun
  • [13-04] Man who slashed lover's ex-boyfriend jailed 6 years and one month and given caning #singapore #yahoo #bhive
  • [28-09] Could you deal without your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend for 17 years while they were in jail/prison? #Empire
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  • [20-04] Stoke-on-Trent man jailed after stabbing his victim whilst high on 'monkey dust'
  • [25-09] #Oxford #student #LaviniaWoodward avoids jail for stabbing her ex-boyfriend
  • [28-07] 26yo Kieran Gillespie from #Handsworth jailed for life after stabbing 35yo Leon Barrett-Hazle to death on a
  • [03-08] #UK: Man jailed for manslaughter over ex-girlfriend's suicide
  • [29-09] #Judge who spared #Oxford student #LaviniaWoodward from jail for stabbing boyfriend investigated…
  • [25-09] #LaviniaWoodward given a 10 month suspended sentence for stabbing her now ex boyfriend whilst she was drunk. All becau
  • [23-07] Vile paedophile jailed after filming himself abusing his pals’ 3yr old boy #Glasgow
  • [13-12] Thug, 27, jailed after attacking girlfriend with hammer and axe
  • [25-09] #Disgusting!!! #LaviniaWoodward #Oxford student 'too bright' for prison is spared jail for stabbing boyfriend - ???
  • [25-09] What was the reason for Oxford University med student #LaviniaWoodward receiving a 10 month suspended sentence for stabbing her boyfriend?
  • [05-04] STARVED i touch STARVED i just work alone i was mentally ill at dinner and sparse trees and #WorldEggDay fukin HELL am so
  • [01-12] #hartlepool thug jailed after threatening to kill former girlfriend's new man with knife:
  • [11-08] Devastated girlfriend of man murdered by his brother says 'our future has been stolen' as killer jailed
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  • [21-09] #jeremykyle theyre definitely boyfriend and girlfriend lol
  • [25-09] #LaviniaWoodward Deemed too bright to go to jail by a Judge even though she stabbed her boyfriend WTF? Anyone else would have been jailed.
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Vile girlfriend, 22, who starved her boyfriend before stabbing him jailed for seven years
Boyfriend faces life in jail for stabbing girlfriend Dylan Harries, 22, (left) repeatedly stabbed young mum Katrina Evemy, 19, (right) after secretly texting a message from her phone to the other man.
Locked up: Vile thug who attacked pregnant girlfriend; heroin addict who tried to stab shopworker with a needle and woman caught in sex act near church among 29 jailed in October They are the criminals from Huddersfield and Kirklees who were locked up last month
UK mother of starved boy jailed for 15 years
Boyfriend who 'wanted to drink girlfriend's blood' jailed for breaching court order Michael Byrne, 34, was banned from contacting the victim when police found her bleeding at his home
Sydney man jailed for 17 years for stabbing neighbour A Sydney man has been jailed for at least 17 years after he murdered his neighbour with a smashed beer bottle in front of the victim's parents after complaining the trio were talking too loudly.
Man jailed for eight years over fatal Waterford stabbing Juraci Da Silva (36) was twice assaulted and abused before he stabbed James Banville
Man jailed for 25 years after stabbing friend to death A cold-blooded killer who murdered a Melbourne school friend and set his body alight, then lied about it and attended the funeral, has been jailed for 25 years.
Lynette Daley manslaughter trial: boyfriend jailed for at least 14 years Judge brands Adrian Attwater’s attitude as ‘callous indifference’ after Daley died from injuries sustained in a violent sex act on remote NSW beach A man who was found guilty of the sexual assault and death of Lynette Daley on a remote New South Wales beach has been jailed for at least 14 years and three months, while his friend, who joined in on the “wild sex”, will spend at least six years and nine months behind bars. Daley, 33, died from injuries sustained in the violent sex act with her boyfriend Adrian Attwater, 43, and his frie
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Man surrenders after stabbing ex-girlfriend
Youth arrested for stabbing girlfriend
Girlfriend of a MTf boyfriend.
Dad-of-four jailed for stabbing man in neck Mohammed Ishfaq committed the crime after a row in a pizza bar
Oxford student appeals against suspended sentence for stabbing boyfriend Lavinia Woodward’s case was controversial after trial judge said ‘able young lady’ should not be jailed A University of Oxford student who avoided prison after stabbing her boyfriend has appealed against the suspended sentence handed to her. Lavinia Woodward, 24, received a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, for stabbing her then partner with a breadknife in a drunken attack.
Ex-Boyfriend Charged With Murder in Bronx River Park Stabbing Ex-Boyfriend Charged With Murder in Park Stabbing The ex-boyfriend of a 22-year-old woman who was found stabbed to death in a Bronx park was arraigned Monday on murder and manslaughter charges.
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A Vile Crime in Chelsea, 10 Years Later A Vile Crime in Chelsea, 10 Years Later A decade after an infamous assault in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, investigators reflect on the case and on Peter Braunstein, who was convicted of the crime.
Llanelli man faces life in jail for stabbing girlfriend Dylan Harries, 22, (left) repeatedly stabbed young mum Katrina Evemy, 19, (right) after secretly texting a message from her phone to the other man.
Man admits stabbing girlfriend to death but denies murder
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