Two Glasgow landmarks among Scotland's most popular visitor attractions

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Two Glasgow landmarks among Scotland's most popular visitor attractions
Glasgow Sheriff Court, Glasgow, Scotland.
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The Necropolis Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow, Scotland [OC] [4000x6000]
Girlfriend took this pic today. - Glasgow, Scotland.
Glasgow residents the 'grumpiest in Scotland GLASGOW residents are the grumpiest in Scotland, according to a new report.
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Insiders’ Guide to Glasgow, Scotland Insiders’ Guide to Glasgow, Scotland The best places to eat, shop, stay, enjoy a dram and admire feats of architecture with expert advice from chef Jacqueline O’Donnell, writer Mark Millar, curator Pamela Robertson and musician Stuart Braithwaite.
Glasgow named as Scotland's first low emission zone Glasgow will become Scotland's first low emission zone next year, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed today.
Grooming Epidemic Spreads North to Glasgow, Scotland
Glasgow wins race to set up first Low Emission Zone in Scotland By STEWART PATERSON
Scotland Confirms Ebola Case in Glasgow Hospital Scotland Confirms Ebola Case Doctors in Scotland are treating a health-care worker infected with the Ebola virus after she returned from working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, authorities said.
Alcohol ban on Glasgow trains ahead of Scotland match against Slovakia If you're planning a carry-out for the journey to the game, better think again.
Me, Jak, Katie, Audi A6 & New Maifang Camera (Glasgow, Scotland) Bridget...
In pictures: Scotland’s first-ever rooftop cider garden opens in Glasgow One of Glasgow’s most popular bars has unveiled the results of a major six-month long renovation with Scotland’s first-ever cider rooftop garden.
In pictures: Location of Scotland's first Taco Bell in Glasgow revealed THE location of the first branch of Mexican fast food giant Taco Bell in Glasgow has been revealed.
First look: Scotland’s first avocado restaurant one step closer to opening in Glasgow Scotland’s very first restaurant dedicated entirely to avocados is set to open in Glasgow next month.
Park just outside Glasgow named 'Scotland's best green space' for second year running The green space was among 1,800 UK parks in contention.
Police Scotland apologises for backlash caused by their involvement in Glasgow Pride Police Scotland has apologised after their involvement in the Pride Glasgow event created "disharmony" among LGBTI communities.
Clyde Arc Bridge and Glasgow Skyline in the Evening, Scotland, United Kingdom
Inside Scotland’s most sought-after luxury townhouse complex in Glasgow’s West End One of the most sought-after luxury housing complexes in Scotland has opened to the public this week in Glasgow’s West End.
Scotland's music scene in mourning as Glasgow hip-hop star dies aged 21 A POPULAR Glasgow rapper who was a leading figure of the Scottish hip-hop scene has died aged just 21.
‘Revoke Uber’s licence in Glasgow’, urges Scotland’s biggest taxi firm Glasgow Taxis has called on the council to crack down on popular ride-hailing firm Uber in the same way the Government has done so in London.
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UK Standard Visitor Visa refused for my spouse because she couldn't demonstrate herself as a genuine visitor. What are my options? I am currently in UK on ICT Tier 2 VISA for 6 months. My wife (housewife) applied for general visit Visa in March 2015, to join me and for tourism purpose for 4 months. She intended to leave Uk with me in July 2015.But her visa was rejected, here is the exact reason stated: "You intend to travel to UK to join your husband. You have provided no information regarding thee purpose of your proposed visit other than to join him. I note that your husband has applied for VISA for duration of 6 months. I note that you are supported by your husband in India""There is a category of visa that allows a spouse to join a migrant whoo has tier 2 employment visa. I am not satisfied that you are merely joining you husband as dependant.""As you have provided no information regarding thee purpose of your proposed visit other than joining your husband, I do not consider you are travelling to Uk for tourism purpose. I am not satisfied that you will leave UK at the end of the proposed visit" I note that, she had not provided any air tickets for her travel; neither she had submitted travel itineary. We were planning to book the air tickets after VISA arrival. I guess the Visa application was for general visit, but somehow represented as dependant visa.Can anyone please tell me, what we missed here and can she apply again immediately? Is this a big issue? Or She can get visa again if she corrects the missing things? Do we have to plan and book the hotels in advance and show the hotel bookings as travel plan? Its really difficult to plan and book hotels for holidays in future. Please help with your suggestions and inputs if any. Thanks for your help.
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