What emotions does the EU inspire in Conservative versus Labour MPs?

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  • [24-11] #Labour #Conservative Conservative cabinet members, who are all millionaires, do not use publicly funded educationa…
  • [05-10] The difference between a #Conservative and #Labour voter. #Tory supporters want good things for everyone, Labour just want it for themselves
  • [04-10] The Conservative Party couldn't even reach 200 seats between 1997-2009. In 2017, Labour got 262. But Labour are "be…
  • [01-10] #Marr Jeremy Corbyn is Labour's best asset, Theresa May is Labour's second best asset just edging out Boris. Conservative
  • [03-10] Under a conservative Government. LOL. #labour sucks
  • [27-01] Fake a** conservative, no conservative calls @DineshDSouza "The criminal Dinesh". OMG you sound so conservative. Yo…
  • [02-10] What do you notice about these people at the #Conservative conference? #Labour
  • [29-09] Labour and Conservative records on the national debt
  • [01-10] #Labour and #Conservative conferences, compare and contrast.... :-P
  • [01-02] I’m not a conservative & I am against #Votesat16. The right age is 18. On this the Tories are spot on & Labour are on t
  • [26-09] Fantasy #brexit with #conservative & #labour Disgusting.
  • [09-04] @atatimelikethis Another alternative is to get behind the @LibDems and the #RemainerMPs both #Labour & #Conservative to
  • [05-10] Every #Conservative Gov that followed a #Labour one has had to sort out multiple problems. #LabourDoesNotWork
  • [01-10] Who are these people trying to run our country we have had enough of, #austerity #conservative #labour it's time, n…
  • [04-11] Wish the #UnitedKingdom had more people like this, instead of the traitor #conservative and #labour parties that ar…
  • [01-10] A2z @petermu04344970 says that #Conservative, #Labour and #LibDems all have leadership problems. (Below r/t…
  • [15-11] #Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy'
  • [29-09] #bbcqt It's too Labour and also too Conservative. It's too Nazi and also too Communist. It's too Eton and also too Eastenders. l-u-l-z.
  • [04-10] How can @BorisJohnson be For Sec. When I think of the great men of state, who have held this position #Conservative #Labour
  • [13-12] This Conservative Government will deliver for the people of the UK as we leave the EU. What would Labour do? #PMQs htt
  • [14-10] So if another election was to be called tomorrow how would you vote? #Conservative #Labour #brexit
  • [18-11] CCHQ: Income inequality - DOWN under the Conservatives, UP under Labour. Unemployment - DOWN under the Conservative…
  • [17-11] Labour & Conservative at #LonConf17 agree international students must always be welcome to London
  • [04-11] Below: What J. #Corbyn #Labour won't tell 16-17 olds. Article below tweeted by #Conservative @AmandeepBhogal.…
  • [16-12] @WestmonsterUK On the other hand if the stupid #labour supporters actually voted Conservative then maybe we would h…
  • [04-10] Can anyone help me solve an argument? How much did it cost to police the labour conference vs the Conservative one?…
  • [02-01] This is not a Conservative vs. Labour issue - everyone has failed at this and a new approach will be needed - urgen…
  • [03-10] #Labour MP @LucyMPowell has to explain that her constituents mean the Conservative delegates no harm. Welcome to S…
  • [02-10] @realaleupnorth It just shows how much the beer drinkers are being ripped off by #labour/ #Conservative #MPs over t…
  • [10-11] @proud_remoaner Ah! So you're not a #UKIP, #Conservative or #Labour voter then? I can't imagine you're interested i…
  • [14-01] Against the most incompetent Conservative government ever, Corbyn's #Labour is letting down the people who really n…
  • [14-08] Hello 1970's Labour. #Birmingham needs @Conservative governance not unionized thuggery.
  • [29-09] The Conservative Government has given the NHS the money they asked for . Labour cut the NHS in Wales #bbcqt
What emotions does the EU inspire in Conservative versus Labour MPs?
Lord Ashcroft Polls: The Conservative Brand: and how voters compare the Conservative and Labour agendas
Conservative Versus Conservative 'Enough: A Conservative's Case Against Limbaugh': The far-reaching influence of radio giant Rush Limbaugh flummoxed readers of our March 16 cover story. Some dismissed him as an entertainer; others welcomed the discussion that results from his abrasive provocations. As for David Frum's blistering critique, one wrote, "Rush will emasculate you in public and no Republican will come to your defense." Another went as far as to wager, "We may look back on this as something akin to [Edward] Murrow's public stance against [Joseph] McCarthy."On 'A Show
Labour MP apologises for calling Conservative 'token ghetto boy Emma Dent Coad says remarks were taken wrong way after Tory assembly member condemned them as racist and hate-filled The Labour MP Emma Dent Coad has apologised for referring to a Conservative London assembly member as a “token ghetto boy” in a blogpost written before she was elected, after two Tory MPs called for the whip to be removed. Shaun Bailey, who was then Hammersmith’s Conservative parliamentary candidate, said the MP had written “racist, hate-filled remarks”.
Labour and Conservative records on the national debt | Isn't it nice to have the whole picture?
U.K. Conservative Party Wins Key Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour U.K. Conservative Party Wins Local Election Dealing Blow to Labour Trudy Harrison won a seat that the center-left Labour Party had held for decades, giving Prime Minister Theresa May a boost before she formally starts the U.K.’s negotiations on leaving the European Union.
Theresa May’s inspirational speech at the Conservative conference must become the party’s focus and blueprint — or we will have to worry about Labour INSTEAD of debating the future of the country at their party ­conference, the Tories have been ­distracted by Boris Johnson’s leadership ­ambitions. The party needs to get its mojo back, and fast. If they do not, we discovered at ­Labour’s conference last week what is at stake. Because what Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Chancellor, […]
Conservative Voters: What are your best points to convince someone that voting conservative is the right thing to do?
Trump is a typical conservative. That says a lot about the conservative tradition.
@Conservatives: Watch the Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin address Conservative Party Conference 2017.
With Manchester United at home, the Conservative Confrence and the potentially 50'000 strong anti-conservative march to join them...lets have a chat about how manchester is a no-go zone today.
@TheEconomist: People who buy conservative books buy only conservative books, as a rule, as the same is true on the left…
‘Craftspeople inspire me to inspire them’
UC-Berkeley braces for riots over conservative Ben Shapiro's speech on campus - OPINION: Hurricane Shapiro descends on Berkeley - Ben Shapiro to Berkeley: Bring it on - Berkeley Republican student: Lessons from life-threatening moments as a conservative o
UC-Berkeley braces for riots over conservative Ben Shapiro's speech on campus - OPINION: Hurricane Shapiro descends on Berkeley - Ben Shapiro to Berkeley: Bring it on - Berkeley Republican student: Lessons from life-threatening moments as a conservative o
Labour unrest: Pricol management, Union to go by guidelines of labour court
Implement laws against child labour, bounded labour: NGOs
Labour Ministry puts BMRCL on notice for labour law violations
?Angry’ premier, labour minister to crack down on businesses over labour law TORONTO — Premier Kathleen Wynne and Labour Minister Kevin Flynn are riled up over businesses that thwart the “spirit” of new labour laws or worse. A team of 175 new government inspectors is being added to Flynn’s ministry to crack down on businesses, like the Scarborough Tim Hortons that allegedly asked workers to put their tips in the till to compensate for higher wages, Flynn said. “Unfortunately, it appears that some employers are abandoning the spirit of this legislation, and some may even be doing more than that,” he said Mond
Labour Dept. urged to curb child labour
Labour laws to be amalgamated into 4 labour codes: Dattatreya
London Labour Council hosts Labour Day in the park "Organized labour has played a big part in gaining benefits for working people whether they're unionized or not and we think it's important to celebrate that at least once a year." 
Sensitising people to labour exploitation, child labour
Labour board condemns child labour
This false labour bs... how to turn into real labour?
Labour-saving vs. Labour-augmenting technical change
If in a situation,conservative and non-conservative forces act, what’s the general way to find work done by an individual force?
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it is the labour itself, or the labour-to-be Does "labour-to-be" mean "the labour that is expected" or "the labour that is required for existence"? The world is made up of random encounters (Lucretius, Hobbes, Marx, Althusser). Art, too, is ...
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