11 tweets that will make you laugh out loud

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  • [28-09] Google'y giggles to make #seo folk laugh out loud
  • [14-11] Love Lee and Jenny on #Gogglebox they are so funny, make we laugh out loud ?
  • [05-02] #TheQueenMzansi @FERGUSON_FILMS Thanx so much for people like Patronella,,Sh can make u laugh loud alone ?????? :
  • [06-10] This did make me laugh out loud. @AlisonHammond2 @thismorning @RyanGosling #HarrisonFord
  • [26-01] Clean isn't boring! Let my books take you from #Texas to #Scotland and make you laugh out loud, all for less than a cu
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  • [12-11] You will laugh out loud 481,000 times in your life - that's more than 6 months! Lots of laughing out loud at Scinti…
  • [07-10] I’m following @JohnMayer now. His tweets make me laugh. Thx for the ab workout and sarcasm. #music #lol
  • [14-10] @RobertBathurst has been brilliant this series of #ColdFeet I rarely laugh out loud at TV. But he's made laugh so much several times!
  • [18-12] Laugh loud, laugh much, laugh at yourself, laugh with others, but never laugh about them!#beautyphotographer…
  • [05-02] Make your Monday a bit lighter by reading a few #LadyDoritos tweets. But don't laugh too loudly.
  • [09-04] Who needs a laugh? Well, this list of the top 14 laugh-out-loud contemporary romances is for you:…
  • [06-10] Watch movies that make you laugh…out loud! Then watch them again! #ThursdayThoughts #PracticeSafeStress
  • [25-11] Thanks for all the lovely tweets tonight Guys and gals glad we make you laugh ? makes our day #Gogglebox @Channel4 :
  • [16-04] Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh,Don't you know ev'ry one wants to laugh?Want to learn how to #MakeEmLaugh ? Then check out the
  • [08-10] Top 10 laugh-out-loud #paranormalromance reads EVER:
  • [26-12] Genuinely made us laugh out loud, this ? #thearchers
  • [01-10] Laugh out loud funny ? #ColdFeet #PeteJennySexTape
  • [05-04] you’re lying to yourself if you say Jin’s laugh doesn’t make you smile and laugh #WorldwideHandsomeDay #HappyJinDay :
  • [01-02] did y'all hear Minho's laugh? because im falling for it.. his laugh could make any person happy#스트레이키즈#Stray Ki…
  • [02-12] Stanley Johnson is making me laugh out loud right now. #ImACeleb
  • [07-10] Laugh-out-loud "Recession Relief "is here! A #Kindle #Mustread ~
  • [05-10] FYI tonight's #WillandGrace made me laugh out loud a lot, should you need some lols of your own
  • [04-11] It's been awhile since a show has made me laugh out loud as often as #TheGoodPlace.
  • [30-09] #willandgrace tried to hard-no laugh out loud moment. To much Trump!!!!
  • [25-11] Forgive me...but this made me laugh sooooooo loud! #charliebrown…
  • [22-01] Review: The Laugh Out Loud Big Gay Comedy Night @midsumma "something for everyone!"
  • [29-09] The audience laugh track on #WillAndGrace is WAY TOO LOUD. #annoying
  • [13-10] Last night’s #WillandGrace was classic, laugh out loud funny!
  • [12-12] @ShannonMartinTV @jaketapperHow did you not just laugh out loud at what#RoyMoore's representative was saying?…
11 tweets that will make you laugh out loud
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i have a python code to extract features from the tweets. so i have to give my tweets file as the input along with its path. how to do this?
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AC sen
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