Insects close-up captured by photographer Dusan Beno

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Insects close-up captured by photographer Dusan Beno
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Edible insects: Where to find the world's tastiest insects Insects are often portrayed as a sustainable superfood - but do they taste any good?
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Edible insects: Do insects actually taste any good? Insects are often portrayed as a sustainable superfood - and many are delicious.
Dusan Vujovic appointed new finance minister The Serbian parliament appointed Dusan Vujovic for the position of the new finance minister by 175 votes out of the total number of MPs at the session. Nine MPs were against Vujovic's appointment and no MPs refrained from voting. 
Serbia: Dusan Vujovic to be new finance minister Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said that Dusan Vujovic will be the new minister of finance and that many public enterprises' directors will be replaced before August 4, which marks the first 100 days since the election of the new government.
Photographer uses microscope lens to take thousands of super up-close photos of a bug and puts them together to make a super detailed photo of a bug.
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Dike novosadske: Dušan Grahovac - Ima 11 godina i preko 30 medalja. Zvuči nemoguće? Možda za većinu da, ali mi vam donosimo primer Dušana Grahovca, džudiste koji će objasniti da je itekako ...
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