Half of parents of disabled children forced to reduce working hours due to 'unlawful' cuts to school transport

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  • [14-11] Parents day today and so many happy parents working with @TTRockStars to help their children #timestables #primaryrocks
  • [08-10] #Coventry #Labour council cutting transport for disabled children yet finds £11m to buy a hotel! #youcouldntmakeitup
  • [01-11] #Salford parents of SEN children may soon have to pay for their transport to nursery and college. Have your say:…
  • [03-11] #Ramaphosa: I am saying to parents don't allow your children to drop out of school, make sure they stay at school. #CR17
  • [20-11] Applications for school places can now be made by parents whose children are due to start primary school in #Hartlepool n
  • [18-11] I’m in Govanhill, #Glasgow where we now know Roma children are being forced to become prostitutes by their own parents.
  • [11-04] For parents who would never let their children ride in a stranger's #uber, HopSkipDrive is here to transport your c…
  • [06-12] "Parents are sometimes forced to sell their #children into bonded #labour for sheer survival." Thank you @Sylvia_YF for sh
  • [18-04] 4 in 10 disabled children in the UK rarely get the chance to socialise with non-disabled children.Let's change this:
  • [20-11] School in Theresa May’s Constituency forced to beg parents for money to buy pencils. #Austerity #peston #marr
  • [04-12] Happy #WorldBalletDay?Ballet school for sick and disabled children launched in East Kilbride
  • [09-01] If we have 3 years to reduce emissions, we need to reduce them from all sources @DanielAndrewsMP transport emission…
  • [21-11] @Rachael_Swindon @DavidDavisMP and did #DavidDavis vote for cuts to ESA and other pernicious cuts to disabled peopl…
  • [17-01] These children's school transport got us waking up kabo 06:30 "Paaaap pabaaap" #BackToSchool
  • [14-10] #r4today #tory policy is working. In Britain’s landscape of cuts, it’s our children who are lost?
  • [15-11] The real John Lewis Christmas ad? Parents slam store for forcing disabled children to change on toilet floor #lewis…
  • [02-11] Joined parents, pupils and fellow MSPs to support the campaign to save Edinburgh Music School #savecoems from council cuts
  • [05-12] We're still looking for #Hartlepool parents to help us! Choice of session times, some outside of working hours. Get in t
  • [19-01] Using the FREE 30 hours childcare for working parents? Don't forget you MUST reconfirm your eligibility every 3 mon…
  • [24-01] Is there a ‘right age’ for children to be starting school? As parents across the country prepare to send their chil…
  • [15-04] 😀Thanks to all our parents&children all getting stuck in to making our School Environment a tidier place👏@HolyRosary_ #tea
  • [17-04] Nine out of ten #Bradford parents have secured their first choice of primary school for their children today. Hear more about
  • [24-11] Delighted to engage & impact so many school, children, teacher & parents during @ScienceWeek @MICLimerick…
  • [21-12] Do parents "impose" their religion on their children? Or do parents have a duty to teach their children the truth,…
  • [01-02] Happy #WorldReadAloudDay2018! Did you know that only half of parents read to their young children daily? Reading aloud
  • [15-04] @funder The man who accused #SandyHook parents who’s 6 year old children were murdered in a mass school shooting, o…
  • [30-11] Story of 2 children, lost parents in deadly US-Saudi airstrike, dreaming of going to school #WorldChildrensDay
  • [17-01] #BackToSchool traffic at Panorama Primary School is already backed up with excited parents and children making their way t
  • [12-04] Attention all @SylvaniaSchools 3rd, 4th and 5th grade parents and any high school students needing volunteer hours; check
  • [20-09] At least 21 children died after a #earthquake-hit #Mexico City school collapsed. Now, parents wait for news by the rubble
Half of parents of disabled children forced to reduce working hours due to 'unlawful' cuts to school transport
California 'House of horrors' children like 'clones' and were 'forced to march in circles' The 13 children from the California 'House of Horrors' were forced to march in circles in the middle of the night, according to a former neighbour. A man named Mike, who used to live across the road from David and Louise Turpin, the couple arrested yesterday for torture, told the New York Post that the family was "like a cult." He said: "They would march back and forth on the second story at night. The light would be on the whole the time, and they would be marching the kids back and forth." Because he worked at a
How 2 California Parents Could 'Home-School' Their Shackled And Abused Children Two California parents were arrested over the weekend when police found 12 of their 13 children in filthy conditions, some chained to beds and starving.
'It's easier for students to learn': Regina school turns parents into teachers A new program at Seven Stones Community School in Regina's North Central neighbourhood is aiming to make education a family affair by engaging both parents and students in the classroom. "We see the need for families to feel valued, and have a place in the school," said Alison Kimbley, the school's student engagement support teacher — a new position created to focus on engaging both students and community members inside Seven Stones' walls. One of Kimbley's first orders of business is launching a new program that turns family members into c
'Mission: Impossible,' 'Jurassic World,' 'Avengers,' 'Cloverfield,' 'Solo' — which movie won the Super Bowl? Heading into Super Bowl LII, Hollywood's mission — if it chose to accept it — was to excite moviegoers about 2018's biggest blockbusters.
Paul Ryan On Removing Devin Nunes: 'The Tax Cuts Are Working' WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. — With new controversy surrounding the release of a memo alleging FBI abuse ― a memo that Democrats say Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.)
'These are evil days': Martin Luther King Jr's children condemn Trump over 's***hole comments' Martin Luther King Jr’s eldest son has said we are living in “evil days” as he blasted Donald Trump’s reported description of Haiti, El Salvador and certain African nations as “s***hole countries”. In the days leading up to the US holiday celebrating Dr King on Monday, Mr Trump has faced severe international condemnation for his alleged comments and has been forced to battle fresh accusations he is racist. “These are evil days when the President of the United States doesn’t seem to understand that Africa is a continent, not a st
Student forced to walk 'really dangerous' road to school, mom demands new bus policy
2 dads forced to put 'mother's maiden name' on kids' SIN forms A same-sex Nova Scotia couple says Service Canada must update its forms so men don't have to declare a "maiden name" in order to get social insurance numbers for their children. 
The numbers 'don't work': Transport minister on Newfoundland's most expensive ferry service It's late afternoon as the Grace Sparkes approaches the dock, her captain expertly spinning the 43-metre passenger and vehicle ferry around and placing the stern to the wharf. Two crews of nine, half-a-million litres of fuel, and at so-called "marine prices," even the smallest replacement parts can reach into the thousands — all serving a population that wouldn't fill two school buses.
Lee Harvey Oswald's killer Jack Ruby told FBI informant to 'watch the fireworks' hours before JFK's assasination Jack Ruby told an FBI informant to “watch the fireworks” on the day President John F Kennedy was assassinated, the latest release of JFK files reveals. Ruby, who went on to shoot and mortally wound Lee Harvey Oswald two days later, made the comments hours before the President was killed in Dallas, Texas. Although the President was assassinated on 22 November 1963, the interaction between Ruby and the FBI informant, identified as Bob Vanderslice, was not officially relayed to the FBI until March 1977.
Kate Winslet talks working with Woody Allen and 'pivotal' role in 'Avatar' sequels The Oscar winner also reveals which of her movies she&apos;d like to make a sequel to.<br/><br/>       
Thirteen siblings 'held captive' by parents in Perris, California: 'Deeply religious' couple arrested on torture charges The American couple who allegedly tortured and imprisoned their 13 children were Elvis fanatics who believed “God called on them” to give birth so many times.  David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were said to have forced their children to memorise passages of the Bible during “very strict” home schooling sessions.  Family members were reportedly kept away, with the children’s grandparents saying they had not seen them for around five years and an aunt saying she had not visited for 19 years.  David and Louise Turpin
'I Think I've Wasted Enough of My Viewers' Time.' Jake Tapper Cuts Off Interview With White House Aide "There's one viewer that you care about right now"
Celina Caesar-Chavannes, Liberal MP, Says 'Microaggressions' Feel Like 'Death By A Thousand Cuts' Celina Caesar-Chavannes took to Facebook on Thursday evening to describe an experience she had in a washroom in her Ottawa office building. In a post, the Ontario MP said she was getting ready for an "epic" photo shoot for a magazine spread due for release next year. The morning this picture was taken, I was in the bathroom of my office building on Wellington in Ottawa.
Parents Explain Why Children Should Be Being Taught About IVF As Part Of The 'Sex Talk' Most parents will have an answer prepared for when their children first ask them: ‘where do babies come from?’
Parents Explain Why Children Should Be Being Taught About IVF As Part Of The 'Sex Talk' Most parents will have an answer prepared for when their children first ask them: ‘where do babies come from?’
Parents Explain Why Children Should Be Being Taught About IVF As Part Of The 'Sex Talk' Most parents will have an answer prepared for when their children first ask them: ‘where do babies come from?’
'Chains and padlocks': California police say parents shackled their children to beds
Donald Trump Thanks 'Winning' Military, Touts 'Big, Fat, Beautiful Tax Cuts' Donald Tump’s Thanksgiving Day gratitude message to U.S. troops overseas took a decidedly political slant Thursday as he ticked off military successes he attributed to himself, and referred to his “big, fat, beautiful tax cuts.”
'House of Horrors' Parents David and Louise Turpin Plead Not Guilty to Torturing Their Children David and Louise Turpin have pleaded not guilty to torturing and imprisoning their children.
'Depraved Conduct.' The Parents of 13 Malnourished Children Found in Captivity Could Face Life in Prison David and Louise Turpin were charged with committing years of torture and abuse
'Schools are already full, bursting': parents campaign for new downtown school Some downtown Vancouver parents are pushing the newly-elected NDP government to build an elementary school to relieve overcrowding. "We need a new elementary school in downtown. The plans are drawn up for Coal Harbour, so please fund it," she said.
Turpin family latest: Parents smile in court as judge bans them from contacting 'tortured' children The parents who allegedly imprisoned and tortured their 13 children, keeping some of them shackled to their beds, have been barred from contacting them by a California judge. David and Louise Turpin were ordered to stay 100 yards from the siblings and have no electronic contact for three years. The 56-year-old and his 49-year-old wife were shackled as they appeared in the state Superior Court in Riverside, California.
Rooney Mara on the challenges of 'Una,' the controversy of 'Pan,' and the bathroom-less 'Mary Magdalene' (plus exclusive 'Una' scene)
Her parents gave away the prizes to our school (school's?) children Is it all right to say : Her parents gave away the prizes to our school children. Or I need to add apostrophe with school ?
Is it reasonable for parents with small children to use the disabled toilet? It is much easier and safer with multiple small children to corral them into the ample disabled toilet, than (as a Dad) to manage them amongst the stalls and urinals of the gents. I have to admit I ...
Are most half-day pre-school programs for stay-at-home parents, or are there options? At least in my state (Washington), the child care licensing is such that most preschools are only able to care for a child for 4 hours per day. I found a couple of places that do preschool and then ...
Will parents be arrested in Magnolia, Texas for walking their children to school?
What are the pros and cons of school-aged adopted children taking their adoptive parents' name? We are in the final stages of adopting kids ranging from ages 7-12. The question has come up a time or two about last names, namely if they should keep their last names, or if we should give them ours,...
How is it ensured, that parents of children attending wizarding schools in Harry Potter don't get into trouble for skipping regular school [duplicate] As far as I'm informed, some amount of schooling is mandatory for children in the UK and many other civilized countries, and their parents could get into a lot of trouble, if the children did not ...
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Mountain View Whisman School District Working Scholars Testimonial - With the support of Superintendent Ayinde Rudolph, over 20 Mountain View Whisman School District employees have taken advantage of the Mountain View ...
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The Tragic Irony of Unlawful Attacks on Civilians in Syria’s De-Escalation Zones - The Tragic Irony of Unlawful Attacks on Civilians in Syria's De-Escalation Zones. Syria Civil Defence members search for survivors after an airstrike in the besieged town of Hamoria, Eastern...
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